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Raleigh police arrest mom after Facebook video shows baby smoking pot

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The Raleigh Police Department has arrested the mother of the baby seen smoking in a viral video on Facebook. Complete story here:


  1. Good dis woman deserves to be arrested serve her right 😝

  2. White people give their children alcohol all the time only difference is they are not on social media with it

  3. All the black colleges around (11 in NC, 4 in Raleigh) and blacks just are too lazy to take advantage of them. But love going to the CIAA though. We gotta do better.

  4. Old Stupid Ghetto Bitch 😑🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. this is disgusting and so wrong my hearts breaks for this poor baby such scumbags i hope you get what you deserve trying to take that babys innocents away i hope you rot… THIS WORLD HAS GONE TO SHIT!!

  6. Wow, this comment section is gonna give me a headache

  7. From reading these comments none of ya'll sound of better character then her 🤔

  8. Typical negroes doing typical things.

  9. She should have supervised visits from now if she ever see her son again

  10. How stupid. This child should be taken away from this stupid mother and placed in a loving home. Some idiot said it s just pot, it is illegal and it is not for infants dough head.

  11. Mark Pateri and Fred Jacobson- the epitome of retarded marxists. Lol 😁

  12. this is actually very nutritious for their species.

  13. This is proof that Facebook and everything like is seriously Satan’s playground!!!!

  14. I love how these white folks so quick to arrest a black or Kill a black but do all possible and necessary for their own to be safe and secure and let's not forget to throw in mental-illness for their actions this women could have problems of her own but white people don't care lol gotta love it

  15. anyone got an uncensored video?

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