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Quick Overview of My Humidor Setup

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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I was asked yesterday about my humidor setup so here’s a quick overview of my setup. I use both gel beads and 70% RH silica beads plus a small fan to move the air inside my humidor. The fan is actually a 40mm, i said the wrong size in the video.


  1. Its been a little over a year since you made this video. How are you liking the smaller display humidor?

  2. How do you put the fan on a timer ?

  3. what type of weather stripping did you put on?

  4. Hey man, I was wondering if I may ask a question or two:
    I bought a similar cabinet here in Europe. Mine is made in Taiwan; has plastic windows that are loose and magnets so strong that when it's opened, this makes all the windows shake. Feels flimsy and crappy.
    My questions: Did you have the same issue with the rattling plastic windows, how did you fix them? (Or are yours glass?)

  5. Very nice set up! Mine is very simple, I don't usually keep very many cigars on hand. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very nice setup, it gives me a few ideas as to how I can improve my own system. Thanks!

  7. Cool DIY alterations to your setup. Neat!

  8. Do you segregate at all based on 'flavor'/leaf type not just for preference in organization but because one (or 20) cigar(s) could effect another one (or batch)? Great vid, thanks. I may try the fans. I have some laying around.

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