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PUROS CHURROS the tv show (demo 2003)

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Rick Silver (aka CHURROS) Stars & hosts this hilarious bilingual Local tv show in El Paso, Texas. “PUROS CHURROS” The show did interviews, stunts, Music videos, Special Events, and funny skits. The show was filmed in Texas, Mexico, and Vegas. This is not an episode this was a promo before the show aired (it aired 3 seasons) and all the footage is lost somewhere in mexico. Produced by Silverscreen productions and edited by Heber Gandara, Aired on Telemundo, and had plans for Mun2. “Puros Churros” is copyright of Rick Silver since 2002. This show was awesome and had a great following, It was the Wayne’s world of Texas, But more entertaining.

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  1. que buenos videos mi Churros! De todo un poco…viejas, carros etc…

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