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Punch Signature vs. Punch Original Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Punch Signature vs. Punch Original Cigar Review as a request. Which is your favorite? To learn more about the variety of sizes available visit and click the Punch banner. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Another great and professional review. Smoking a Cohiba 6 while watching the review. Thanks as always for your input.

  2. i thought the punch signature tasted like crap.
    but i love the punch rothchild.

  3. Great review. Even better outfit

  4. Terrific review, thank you

  5. Great review Delicia. I always enjoy watching your videos.

  6. WOW so Gorgeous!!!
    Do you have favorite cigar shop in Vegas? … I'm a Canadian headed down for the first time. Do you guys have Cuban's now ?

  7. maduro punch original in a smaller ring gauge is one of my favorite cigars

  8. Thanks for the video vixen. Great job as usual, I enjoyed the comparison video.

  9. Damn thumbnail, I allowed my dirty mind to get the best of me lol.

  10. Delicia, have you done a video yet on the JAVA MADURO by Drew Estates. I've been dying to try one and was curios to know if you had done a review on it, if not, will you be doing one soon? Thx :0)
    Stay beautiful & keep it smokey

  11. punch vintage is one of my favs

  12. I thought it was going to be fruit punch flavor lol. loving the thumbnail too.

  13. Delicia, great review! Thank you for following through on my suggestion. I feel very honored :-). +1 on the suggestion that we get a look inside your humidor(s)!

  14. That Punch Signature pairs nicely with some fine Malt Liquor in a 40oz glass container.

  15. always weird to see the original cuban Names and their 'rip off' counterparts.. something has to change soon

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