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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Punch Champion Cigar Review by SmokingCigarGirl

Posted by in Cigar Review

Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Great draw from start to finish. Medium bodied and strength. Perfect for an afternoon or evening smoke.



  1. this was a nice review – i am new to cigar smoking and am a bit confused –
    when you say earthy notes – what dos that mean – ?

  2. I agree with 805breeze, as with the ashton classic request for review!
    Great video as always x

  3. Stop smoking it will cause cancer it’s deadly

  4. Great job as always. Can you review any of the excalibur cameroon cigars or
    any of the ashton classic series?

  5. You suck at trolling. Study cigar smoking by the way.

  6. Great review Nada, thanks! I’d like to get your opinion of the “Freshness”
    packs that I’ve seen recently. Have you tried any cigars that have come in
    these foil packs?

  7. Seems like a great cigar Nada!

  8. Partagas spanish rosado. i would love to hear how your palette interprets
    the gigante

  9. good to see you again Nada

  10. you got a love a girl who smoke cigars…. excellent review sounds kind of
    like poetry (cigar poetry but still poetry) love the video… keep in them

  11. Precisely

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