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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Pumpkin Spice Late’ Cigar?????

Posted by in Cigar Review

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crookedbeardaz – Bradley
pretty.n.inkaz – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana



  1. I like paranormal activity with jump scares

  2. We're is the store at I been wanting to go maby when I'm driving trough one day I could stop by I don't order online I stay over the road. Was hoping to stop in Phoenix a week ago

  3. They need to make cigars with thc in them. I like smoking when im high. Why not meet in the middle

  4. Hi my mom is addicted to cigrets should she switch to cigars or juul

  5. You guys should do a cigar vs vape

  6. Thats cool and your Also cool

  7. Hey do you guys ship to Canada

  8. Everything we call supernatural can be explained by scientific means but they are real, for instance the nature of ghosts are they are lost souls that exist in a different frequency close to the frequency we exist in and sometimes they can come very close to our vibrational frequency that we can see them. Everything of God's creation can be explained through science although generally mainstream science is very arrogant and narrow in its views, however if we can call anything magic that is God Himself, he is the real magic that cannot be explained and we are part of that magic as souls which are drops of God. He is beyond description, as it has been said by Guru Nanak that even to call the Lord infinite is to bear the weight of sin because he is beyond the comprehension of the mind so to describe Him and His Magnificence from mental perspective is bare the weight of sin of trying to contain his magnificence within the domain of the mind which in the hierarchy of God's creation is at the negative pole. The experience of the Divine is an experience of the soul which in this creation has been knotted to our mind and contained within our physicality. Through the mind we experience the various degrees of physical creation including the heavens and hells. Long speech. Love you guys.

  9. There is a haunted Dentist office in Mesa…

  10. Hi Bradley and Dana. I am a cigar newbie with a question: what percentage of a cigar smoked is considered finished? Some say smoke it as far down as you can. I have heard anything past 50%. How much of the cigar should I smoke to know I have gotten my money's worth?

  11. Hey when will the Fall sampler be available again as it is currently sold out!

  12. Halloween live warehouse herf & hunt..

  13. You guys talking about paranormal stuff and then 7:25 scared me haha. Man.

  14. U can’t not watch these videos and not smile

  15. Its already sold out 🙁 This looked like my favorite sampler so far.

  16. You guys should try 1882 Garcia Vega White Russian flavor

  17. I love smoking cigars yet I prefer smoking cigarettes Cuz cigars simply take longer time and I can't do it while lying on my bed cuz my living room is full of dog shit and peepee. Cigarettes I only have to stay at living room for 3 min and that's it lol

  18. I refuse to support pumpkin spice anything.

  19. Jerome az bro. The whole place is haunted. Its an old miners town that hangs off a mountain

  20. ghost and haunted house movies are just all same shit. same setup same premises.

  21. I’ve eaten lunch at the Jerome Grand Hotel before, it did seem a bit creepy 😅

  22. Apple spice beats pumpkin spice any day

  23. The said bag is also called a sock. Like what some pipes come in.

  24. Will you make a TNT Cigar app for ios and Android??

  25. I work in a coal mine were people have died and it's pitch black if you turn your cap lamp off. Shit gets sideways alot.

  26. Had a 14 year old dimond crown last week holy shit

  27. When I was a toddler me and my brother saw the shadow of a head and shoulders on the wall and our dad came in and started swatting it with a fly

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