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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Pt. 1 – Sonador Corojo by Plasencia Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. You never light a Cigarre with a lighter,….omg

  2. 2:45 – 2:53 Reminds me of Cheech and Chong Up in smoke :D

  3. Gotta love… DAT ASH!
    Love all your reviews, Mr Dan! Thanks so much!

  4. Can u send some ecig or cigs tho 11957 van ghog 79936 el paso tx

  5. Then what do u light it with then

  6. I am 14 and i smoked 3 years because my family and friends were doing it so
    i just joined in but then i got addicted and i had athsma attacks but i
    couldnt quit so my dad got me an ego t (e cig) and it has helped me i know
    im too young and i dont want to end up smoking when im older cos most
    smokers start young but i have nothing against smokers cos its their life
    their choices :)

  7. Your supposed to use matches

  8. dat ash

  9. dont know if u know but ur ment to light a cigar with match or something.
    lighter change the taste :-

  10. Man! I dropped cigerettes, and I’m now smoking cigars and cigarillos, and
    thanks to you, I am more selective in my tobacco. Great reviews, recomended
    your channel to my friends! Keep the more than good work Dan!

  11. Hi Iam From middle East and I Love Your Channel I have a Request In This
    Part Of The World We Smoke A Lot Of Hookah And Its Very Popular Right now
    even In North America and Europe The Main Reason Probably Cuz Its Just A
    weekly Thing Not an every day habit And Its Not That Personal Usually You
    Smoke it With friends More Like A Party Thing So Could You Do Some Review
    On It

  12. can you do a review of rocky patel juniors cigars?

  13. He only reviews cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars. Also hookah isn’t worth
    it really.


  15. Hey man i love your reviews you should try the Arturo Fuente Opus X Fuentes
    Fuentes is a great cigar a little bit pricey but is definitely a great cigar

  16. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback

  17. yeah my grandpa always has his cigars with his cognac. He said it’s the

  18. can you tell the price

  19. 4:41 Dat ashh ! Lol

  20. Yea Ik about the fucking liberals

  21. Dat ash xD

  22. or hemp rope.

  23. That ash!

  24. the first video i watched of yours i thought it was funny now i think it’s

  25. You should do a video of smoke tricks

  26. when you put your cigars in the humidor you should let them set a least a
    month so they get the humidity

  27. clipper lighters are the best

  28. Try a Cuban cigar

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