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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Pt. 1 Mira Flor Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Dan you should try a hemp wick for anything you want not to have any taste
    it is usually used for weed, but it works like a charm for anything

  2. It’s always funny when you inhale cigars. Keep going!

  3. So in general ur not supposed to inhale?

  4. 2:30 That’s what she said

  5. love a nice tight ash

  6. Lick the tip befor u cut it. It helps when cutting it try it out next time.

  7. The point of keeping the band: The heat from the cigar will heat up the
    glue, on the band, and it will just make the band easier to take off.

  8. Hey, Dan. Just letting you know that there are many deals online that give
    you a number of cigars (10 or so) and a free 20-count humidor for about 30
    bucks. The cigars are usually pretty darn decent and the humidor, while not
    the best, usually work well. Hope you keep up the cigar reviews. Oh, btw,
    the last deal that I found was in Cigar International. Look for “Top-Shelf
    Humidor Sampler #9”

  9. “Things so big!” That’s what she said

  10. Yeah a little 🙂

  11. Love your reviews and I love the innocence shown in this video. Cow manure!
    Haha!! You are doing a great job

  12. Great thorough review, Dan. Love your really honest takes on these cigars;
    it’s really good for new cigar smokers. Keep up the awesome work!

  13. Next time ipuse a match but let tye match burn till it burns off the bad
    smell then put to cigar

  14. Nice review Dan gunna watch part 2 now

  15. blunts for grown men 🙂

  16. that cow manure and dog biscuit smell is called barn or barnyard aroma.

  17. But not from the the Cigar people, just from Youtube

  18. Nice cigar.. And nice review as always 🙂

  19. I don’t even smoke and I love this guy, really entertaining love the videos.

  20. DAT ASH!

  21. body means amount of soke

  22. About the band, it doesn’t matter so much if your by yourself, but it’s
    customary to take it off if you’re smoking in public. Leaving the band on
    is considered by most to be cocky, as if to say ‘hey, i’m better than you
    because i have an expensive cigar’. Love your vids btw!

  23. do u mind telling me how u make money on these videos? 🙂 thanks dan!

  24. Great review.

  25. You should leave the band on it gives you an idea of where to smoke it to
    and also it makes the cigar have some finesse lol

  26. He is such a chill dude!

  27. Love that cigar

  28. Hey, man. Those lighters can get really hot if they burn too long and I’ve
    seen those tabs melt off when they do.

  29. Dan, that was the most kick ass smoke ring I’ve ever seen at 10:40 Keep up
    the good work, your videos are great.

  30. I love u like a brother Dan! Your awesome… Epic reviews…. Check them

  31. Hey, good videos as always 🙂 Do you earn money on this reviews?

  32. DAT ASH

  33. jesus i cant wait till im 21 hopefully im able to taste and experience
    different cigars

  34. i’m an on again off again smoker. It bothers my asthma a little bit, and
    yea it makes it much worse on a daily basis, which is why i only smoke one
    pack of cigs a month usually. i used to smoke a pack of Camel N/F in two

  35. Just for flavor and aroma

  36. I have asthma too. How long have you been smoking? Has it worsened your
    asthma in any way? I am now a month or two in and am a bit affraid of a
    chance of a serious asthma attack. Luckily I only had one where I had to go
    to the ER when I was a child but nothing even remotely like that ever
    since. Only the occasional breathing problems after hard workouts. How are
    you doing?

  37. im glad you got partnership 🙂

  38. “dat ash”

  39. Hey Dan Can You Do A Review On JM’s cigars

  40. Just realized I pretty much said the same thing as SniipeJEA lol

  41. yeah a bic lighter will not make much difference to a cigar, there are just
    snobs out there who say it MUST be a match or a torch, in reality there
    isn’t much difference

  42. Dan, if you’re looking for something not so dog bisquit smelling and a
    little more sweet, try to find a Trator Jack Kickin Cigar. They’re soaked
    in rum ànd dipped in molasses I believe. Very enjoyable and worth checking

  43. The sunlight makes your beard to have an interesting color at the beginning
    of this video :)))))))

  44. wtf does he mean by body? lol

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