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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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PSyKo Seven Cigar Review + Sutliff Vanilla Custard

Posted by in Cigar Review

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A review of the Ventura PSyKo Seven Cigar with the help of my special guest HKP ( Hello Kitty Piper)

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  1. Hey AromatiX x, good to see you. Thanks for the review. Not a huge Cigar guy but that one sounds interesting to try. Have seen the Bud Lemonade but have not seen that Hires you are drinking. The Coney Island Hard Root Beer is most popular one down here in NJ. Very nice looking Cob that HK is smoking. Hope you are doing well. Happy smokes and take care.

  2. I subbed to your friend, Kristina Williams, aka Hello Kitty Piper HKP, and I think she is an amazing person. I hope that more of YOUR subscribers who see this video will support her channel and want to make her feel just as much a part of the community on YouTube, and that you WILL have here on again. I think she is a very beautiful person. Thank you for introducing her to us Jeff. That is what it's all about, supporting and building one another up. ~ Rory : )

  3. Sutliff Vanilla Custard was the blend that ushered me into the world of pipe smoking.

  4. Yay!! That's me! I was kinda nervous at first but then warmed up. Can't wait to do another video with you!

  5. I like the Psycho Seven, but it had a nicotine hit that nearly made me puke. Funny how we had different experiences.

  6. I heard that smoking too many of those Psyko Sevens could land you in The "Asylum 13" where you are given daily doses of the "Straight Jacket" to bring you under control. Hello Kitty. : )

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