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Prof Windproof metallic Jet Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Prof Windproof Jet Lighter Lighter with a single blowtorch flame.
Seems sturdy enough and well built, nice big jet flame on this one.

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  1. They are good for lighting incense outside too. It’s a real pain trying to light as the slightest breeze blows it out. I want one of these or a usb arc lighter.

  2. set me a lighter m8, plz

  3. that sucks but at least you got out of it mate, looks good thanks for the advice.

  4. You should get a magnesium fire starter if you haven't already got one. Used to love using them back when I was in the cub scouts.

  5. looks decent, atleast you got some freebies for your troubles, lol, i had the exact same thing happen but with a charger, after getting three that were wrong i stopped bothering with them and just accepted the three i had been sent, lol and went else where.

    Amazon is usually quite good though depending on what your buying

  6. mate keep up the vids, think they are really good

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