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PRO Gender Cigars?????

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Pro-Gender Sampler


crookedbeardaz – Bradley
tntcigars – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana


  1. We live in a time where the confused are overriding what we know to be natural and basic biology.

  2. 100% female, please open the door when I enter the cigar lounge!

  3. I got suspended at work for an inappropriate comment over the radio. Told security a man went into the womens restroom. Described him as wearing a turban and a suit. Two strikes against me. Luckily I survived and after discussing my short comings with HR I got to keep my job. WTF have we come to in this world!

  4. Goshhhh… dayna smile is soooo beautiful…

  5. Being nicknamed Dick isn’t fun trust me

  6. And the cigars you're smoking are……….?

  7. Can you review the War Fighter cigar please.

  8. HOORAY!! Thanks to both of you for standing up to be counted. The tail is wagging the dog on social issues today, and as a result we are sacrificing both our self respect and freedom of thought to accommodate the one percent – what I call “the thin skins.”

  9. 100% American Male Beef…😂😂😂… LoL…i like!!!

  10. People starting separate gender from sex is a mistake. There's already a word to describe yourself regarding the new gender bullshit pronouns: personality.

  11. … You Do You! … millennial liberals be offended, I don’t care, I’ll just keep on smokin’…

  12. I love your guys channel, keep up the great work

  13. Where's all my God fearing Americans at!!!???

  14. What about the non-binary cigars?

    Just kidding lol, they already have vapes

  15. I love this channel😂!!!!

  16. Sounds to me that the time has come that even cigars need protection from the insanity of the Left…

  17. Men feel more pain than women, you never hear a guy say kick me in the balls again, but you always hear women say lets have another baby

  18. The male orgasm is needed to create a baby, the females orgasm is just there for pleasure

  19. Its simple, if you have a pole youre a male, if you have a hole, youre a female

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