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Privada Cigar Club – FIRST UNBOXING! [Should I Smoke This]

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What is Privada Cigar Club and WHY should you bother? Here’s the first package they’ve sent me, and what I’ve learned about this exclusive cigar club. If you want to check them out for yourself, go to


  1. Can you cancel at any time?

  2. Great review, just signed up for my membership. I procrastinated long enough, thanks!

  3. Love Privada Cigar Club, They send out really good sticks ready to smoke and I'm bummed I didn't get on of those El Titans this month. Oh well been with them for 3 months now.

  4. Its an amazing club, I have been a member since August. Brian is the man.

  5. Dammit, why'd you have to go and tell me about this. I already spend too much on cigars as it is. Great review, and I am definitely going to try this. Thanks, Rob!

  6. El Titan De Bronze has that 🔥🔥🔥 thats willie herrera’s shop in Calle ocho in Miami before he went to drew estate. The gran reserva is off the meter. Great breakdowns on the unboxing. Whats the cost? Are there different levels of membership?

  7. El Titan de bronze is a shop in Miami (8th street) that is responsible for some great sticks including the la palina goldie

  8. Great review. I'm intrigued

  9. Do you plan on reviewing any of those sticks?

  10. I've had it 4 months now. I'm enjoying them.

  11. Man, that cruzado was bloody fantastic!! Love this club!! 😁 welcome aboard! 🤣

  12. I been a member for a while and the box never disappoints… The Best Cigar Club…

  13. That lancero is absolutely incredible.

  14. By far the best cigar club on the market. As happy as I am that they are doing well, I kind of wish it was my secret.

  15. Went to the website. Started filling out the questionnaire and it froze up. Still won't let me answer the questions lol insomniac crashed the website lol

  16. Honored to have been un boxed on your channel Thank you so much. Were fans. By the way the Illusione is 4.5 years aged:)

  17. Damn, Cigar Vixen and Cigar Obsession have both review this and I haven't bitten yet. Your enthusiasm sold me though. Think it is time to jump on board!!

  18. Been with privada for over 6 months now and they never let down…I think I had one issue with an order so I emailed them and I gotta say they have the BEST customer service I've ever seen. I look forward to each month and am proud to be part of something so unique

  19. Salty comments section on this one damn Hahahaha

  20. Did you mention the cost? How much is it monthly?

  21. El Titan de Bronze is where Willy Herrera worked before going to Drew Estate. He still works with them. The HE Miami is rolled there. The owner, Sandy, is his mother-in-law. Their stuff is super legit.

  22. I'm a big fan of privada cigar club so far man. Just joined in early October and like you said, it definitely seems different with the effort put in.

  23. I've had that Four Kicks LE, and I think they only come in Lancero. Meh. Cool club tho, def intrigued.

  24. I have gotten a 8 year old cigar and 5 year old cigar to both were very good smokes

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