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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Prime Time Watermelon Little Cigar Review – Revisited!

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. can you do a Juicy Jay Bluntarillo review for each Flavor they are only $2
    for one and im pretty sure you can get one at the gas station or your
    “Smoke Shop” u mentioned in your video

  2. But can you be last too?

  3. Niiiiceeee caaaameraaaaaa 😀

  4. What a DICK!

  5. I love Dan

  6. Hey Dan, do you do dip?

  7. first

  8. My first little cigar I ever had last year! It’s very good

  9. Dan dw bout justin we all know its a little kid..

  10. dan! get some winfield blue and do a review on them!

  11. can u review a strawberry cigar?

  12. Sorry I am not good looking enough for you! My whole world revolves around
    what Justin thinks so I better get working out and call my plastic surgeon
    huh? Fuck off Troll!

  13. No.. do the world a favor and off yourself

  14. this camera shows every little detail!!!!

  15. a single here in Canada is $2.00 🙁 Canada taxes suck ass

  16. Thanks, I look like shit, but thanks! lol. I think Michael Jordan would
    bitch slap me for having a shirt with a collar like that, lol

  17. Are these available everywhere cuz I would really be interested in giving
    these a try. I’m in Illinois btw

  18. Do a review on INDIA KINGS rich gold version.

  19. great video

  20. @Realcigreview could you do a. Electronic imperial hookah review please
    they are really cool

  21. nice gotta try that.

  22. And for my grandmother! She smokes those, they are actually good 😀

  23. Quality improved allot! Keep the reviews coming Dan!

  24. Your videos are even better now Dan great job!

  25. wow kid ur not cool at all

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