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prime time cherry cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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back with another cigar review of prime time cherry bought thies the 4 days ago to try them so i figured i would review them before i smoked them all lol hop…



  1. I payed around 15 or 16 for a 20 pack in Regina

  2. yeah I seen that video ill have to give the grape a try sometime thx for
    watching man much respect!

  3. 7.00$ for 10 in alberta

  4. Never smoked a tobacco rolled blunt, (i smoke export green cigarettes) and
    today when I lit it, and i tried inhaling from it, I wasn’t getting at all
    any smoke, and exhaled litterly no smoke at all.I’ve lit it longer, and
    even tried inhaling longer and harder but still getting NO smoke.. Why is

  5. I can get them for only $6.49 me and my friend smoke them all the time one
    of my fav cigars kinds

  6. yeah they is cheap as hell. my friend switched to these because swishers
    are nasty and cost about $6.50 for 5 which is highway robery lol

  7. do you have a xbox 360 i could see a ton of games in the back ground if you
    have live add me my gamertag is xxohioxxhutchxx we could play some time
    good review man glad to see you still up and running

  8. don’t get cherry they burn you throat more then any other prime time

  9. Nice review, I dig the grape ones! Not bad!

  10. Question, do you inhale primetimes and do they give you a head rush?

  11. yeah i do have live bro ill add you up thx man yeah iv been feeling like
    death lately quick question for ya can you get or have you tried export-a
    green yet?

  12. 20 pack of minis are $5 in CO

  13. im pretty sure you can if one store don’t have them another one will

  14. how much a pack?

  15. i pay 10 for a pack of ten it sucks in bc

  16. how much to just a single pack cost

  17. wen i get big cigars i take them apart and break the wrap and roll

  18. can you get these in ontario?

  19. In the US they have a filter on them an they are like $2 a pack of 10
    depends where u get them

  20. why not.. im from montreal i i got tha shit to

  21. haha thx man nothing like shooting some tin cans eh!

  22. no i cant get export-a green and i have never tried them either

  23. these are good, did a review on them

  24. Nice Red Ryder BB gun 🙂

  25. Elevator music

  26. Edmonton oilers. Sweet

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