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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Prime Time Blueberry Little Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. does anybody know if canada sells primetime cigars?

  2. they dont taste like cheyannes do they?

  3. dan I’ve seen a lot of ur videos and I got a question for you. what is your
    favorite cigar in terms of
    taste and how it makes you feel?

  4. Nice review Dan nice to see more cigarillos

  5. If anyone has smoked these and blueberry swisher sweets, which one would
    you recommend?

  6. I dont think you can get these in syd aus

  7. Dan your reviews are the best, been watching for over a year now, but I
    think you should invest in a high def camcorder. Doesn’t have to be
    anything fancy, but the flashes that your normal camera produces make these
    videos hard to watch. Just a suggestion. Smoke on!

  8. Australia has really bad issues when it comes to smoking!

  9. He’s done a few already, have you checked those out yet?

  10. Need more HaveASmokeAndRelax videos 😀

  11. Another awesome review man.

  12. Thing is, the longer the video the better. Keep doing what you’re doing,
    love the show.

  13. You’ve lost a subscriber Dan. This channel has become a blatant plug for
    anyone who sends products in. A plug for his son. A plug for his addiction.
    Dan, this is your channel and you’re obviously the best tobacco reviewer on
    YT, but, you’ve sold out. I do wish you continued success and I know one
    viewer isn’t going to get anyone riled up. Anyways, I hope for everyone’s
    sake you put some effort into your videos again. Later guys and stay lit.

  14. Hey Dan, Did you get some new tattoos done on ur forearm?? You should do a
    video on ur tattoos! While smoking a Marlboro Red of course ;D

  15. The raspberry and vanilla Prime Time little cigars are pretty good too! Not
    sure if you’ve done a review on them yet but if not you should definitely
    give em a shot. Happy smoking, Dan!

  16. Hmm that’s strange. in Canada, Prime Times have filters that are just
    filled with more tobacco rather than a sponge type filter in it.

  17. Anyone who is from uk, can you get these in any shops? Like tesco
    sainsburys or garages?

  18. Call me immature but I thought it was hilarious when Dan was getting mad at
    the flashy flashy

  19. man do more cigs. all you do is ecigs and rillos now

  20. Hey how do you get them to send you some products

  21. how do u ask for these ina store ? lemme get a box of prime time blueberry
    cigar ?

  22. Hey sofuel , I ordered many pack on ciggiesworld when I was 16. No problem
    since you pay with a credit card ,which is supose to be for 18 + only.

  23. Body means how thick the smoke is and how much it is

  24. Wish they sold these in Australia! 🙁 Worst laws here, I swear..!

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