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Prestige Import Group – Charleston’ Humidor

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Prestige Import Group. Charleston’ 7 Drawer Humidor
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Track 1:
JPB & MYRNE – Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion)

Yung Fusion •

Track 2:
Levianth & Axol – Remember

Levianth •
Axol •

Track 3:
Tobu – Roots

Tobu •

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  1. Very nice humidor. Great for cigar separation, grouping and keeping things organized.

  2. That is beautiful! Well done on nabbing that humidor. Also, sweet collection. I was shocked at the amount of cigars you had. You kept pulling them out! Wow!

    Great job on correcting the gap and seal issue. Overall, a very decent video, brother. Well done. I can't help but to want some of the CIGARS! LOL

    Cheers, brother!

  3. I've heard it isn't good to keep infused cigars such as acids with other non infused cigars because it can ruin the entire collection as far as flavors and aromas. Might not be so bad with the cellophane but I did a lot of research on this and even with cellophane I read it can still happen so be careful my friend. also got to be careful wiping down brand new humidors with sponges as I've read and researched that it can crack and ruin your humidor. I hope you only wiped it the 1 time and didn't have any crackage as that seems to be a really nice good looking working humidor. I really like it. I see a ton of really good looking cigars in your collection. Got any recommendations?? Have you tried the original punch yet? Is it as good as or better than the punch signature??

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