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Pointy Bell Pepper Pipe

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Welcome to a new episode of Smartheads! On this episode I will be making a pipe from a bell pepper! Very easy and vegan way to smoke your favorite herb.

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  1. Gaaf idee zeg. Als je een vreetkick krijgt heb je in ieder geval iets om op te knagen.:)

  2. Instant stone!! lol Have you ever made your own vape?

  3. Welcome to Smart Heeaaaads, keep the videos up!

  4. Hahaha a pipe with a chili, it's stupid but he had to think. Hahahah une pipe avec un piment, c'est tout bête mais il fallait y penser.

  5. should make a watermelon bong :)

  6. that shit cool Simon but u should try drying it friend

  7. make one out my dogs crap it will taste like a mix of great dane and maui waui man lol just joking great video man I'm sure that pepper burned the throat a lil bit try a hotter pepper

  8. Once again Simon, love the video! This was so funny!!!

  9. you actually make me lo,l not fake lol just type lol, like actually laugh out loud lol

  10. lol nice pipe 😀 i love your crazy pipes man

  11. hahahaha wew . a few days ago i saw one of those at the supermarket. and had exactly the same idee. well now i can make a perfect one XD

  12. Haha nailed it! Any word on the cooking show?

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