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Plazmatic Zippo Style Lighter Lighting A Candle & Cigar…As Requested By You :)

Posted by in Lighter Review

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You guys wanted to see this in action so here it is.

cigar monster


  1. What is really the point of that style of lighter?

  2. I have one exactly like yours and I dont know how long to charge it for. How long are you supposed to charge it for?

    Please answer my question

  3. I think that plasma lighters would be useful in environments where it's hard to keep a normal lighter lit,like if it really windy

  4. how long does the lighter last when fully charged? how often do you have to charge it?

  5. What's the advantage over a butane torch lighter?

  6. the new style is more open for zippo style. i smoke my metal pipe all the time with my elementium plasma- x lighter. and also they make different style just for those times where you have to get a lighter in a skinny pot.

  7. i have a large collection of lighters. both high quality and junk, and just because it costs more doesnt always mean its better. But Im buying one of these! Its the coolest thing since AC current. I go thru disposables quick, i think this will save me time and money in the long run.

  8. The only problem that a tradition lighter has is that if you flip it upside down its gonna be less effective that a plazmatic.

  9. can you smoke weed with it thats all i want to know

  10. who smokes a cigar nowadays?

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  12. it may be better in windy situations

  13. perfect for a windy day on the slopes. or being out in the open in general theres usually wind..

  14. What kind of music do you like?

  15. I use Zippo's and am a inventor, seems like its not really worth $50 just cuz its "cool" and its only useful for a cigarette. $20 gets you a real nice Zippo and $3 for fluid and can light just about anything seems like a better investment.

  16. can you use this as a taser ? :D

  17. Thanks for the review. I was wondering if you know how durable the lighter is? Have you dropped it from anpit 5 feet? or tossed it to a fried who may have dropped it or what happens if it gets wet? I am not talking about soaking it but if you're in the rain.


  18. This video was posted on my birthday!

  19. Would it hurt more than a zippo if you touched it

  20. Reading the condiments…

  21. I just got a lighter from the dollar store that looks like a Bic lighter but the flame is like a blow torch. Found out it is windproof and refillable too

  22. i think thats pretty bad ass technology wise, and thats awesome u dont technically run out of fuel, but god dam! thats an ugly ass chimney! haha. and ya i understand how circuits and electronics in general work. so i get it cant be a real chimney, but i think it would look hella better just a flat smaller metal "housing"

  23. What kind of cigarillo were you using for this demonstration?

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