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Plazmatic “VEO” Flameless Lighter (Bonus Clip Of Me Zapping Myself!!!)

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Plazmatic Veo

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  1. To comment on the zapping as you can see I didnt touch the button I can only assume when I plugged in the cable I put pressure on the head which connected a circuit or something and turned it on for a second, so keep the cap on when plugging in th cable…

  2. why did i laugh…………….

  3. It didn't actually look like you hit the button when it zapped you! That's a defect!

  4. I would like one but a lightsaber version..

  5. I only came for the clip xD

  6. I worked at a factory that made du/dt filters. There we had this testingmachine with output up to 6000 volts. It tested if there was any brakes on the current running through the coils. It was at 4000 volts and I got it to my arm. Hurt like a mf and the room smelled like burning flesh. My arm actually burned from inside.

  7. Any body know what knife that was he used to cut the Paracord? Thank you!

  8. What's the knife in the video Jeff

  9. Wow, neat. I'm getting a plasma Zippo in the mail soon.

  10. Dude you didn't press that button twice, that thing has a mind of its own!

  11. $40 dollars, made in China, and it shocks you if you press on the head. Why can't someone just make one of these style lighters and it not be a POS?

  12. The way it zapped you is actually a serious safety issue. Your fingers weren't even close to the button, there was propably some kind of internal short while plugging the usb which caused the lighter to go off. A solid reason for RMA.

  13. Frankly I'd rather just carry one of the old regular styles and have a long neck for candles and lighting my grille, just like I do now

  14. will it light a cigar?

  15. I prefer jet lighters, so much better

  16. Yeah the alcohol is for "tobacco" residue

  17. sent the old ones my way! Great video Jeff

  18. You didn't even hit the button

  19. I purchased a couple of the Plazmatic Zippo style lighters when you first talked about them quite a while ago. They are certainly cool, but without a doubt they are quite cheaply built, kind of like things in the 90's that were made In China (cheap, unregulated, and unsafe). And with my communications with the company, they are without a doubt China based.

    For those purchasing this, just be careful. These lighters use Lithium batteries which are already extremely volitile even under the best of circumstances (need I remind people of the Samsung tablets/phones that were spontaneously catching fire not long ago?). Just the fact that Jeff managed to short out the lighter and shock himself without even depressing the button speaks volumes. That is exactly my experience with this brand, cheaply built and risky. A throwback to things in the 90's that were "Made in China", super cheap and cool if they work, but not built with safety in mind, but rather on maximizing profits.

  20. So a lighter AND a stun gun. That is useful.

  21. please make more jeff torture tests!

  22. Jeff I leave for Army Basic Training on Tuesday and pictures of your beautiful naked body would really help motivate me to make it through in one piece. Be a patriot. Send me nudes.

  23. I recently ordered one of their watches, and out of the box it wouldn't turn on, and I contacted their "support'' page, and they have yet to reply, and it doesn't appear that I can just return it 🙁

  24. Why were you removed from patreon?

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