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Plastic Clipper Lighter VS Metal Clipper Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Plastic Clipper Lighter VS Metal Clipper Lighter.
A comparison between the regular refillable plastic Clipper lighter and the special edition Metal Clipper lighter.
I was asked in a comment the other day which type is better value so this video is a longer version of my thoughts.
The Plastic Clipper lighters cost about a quarter of the price of the metal Clipper lighter, meaning that you can get 4 plastic lighters for the price of the one metal lighter.
If you’re buying the Clippers to have an actual cigarette lighter then I would recommend the plastic Clippers because you can get 4 lighters for the price of a single metal Clipper.
However, if you like collecting lighters then I would recommend the metal Clipper lighter because it has a much better build quality and a nice presentation tin.

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  1. you need to take the metal band off and then turn the plastic cog around the flame nozzle to increase the flame.

  2. I take the small price of Flint left in my big lighters when they run out and put them in my clippers

  3. metal ones have a two year guarantee but for some reason the metal ones goes thru alot of flint wheels , ya know whern your striking and strike and it wont light even with a new flint in

  4. Seems like the Clipper lighters are very popular in the UK.
    Here in America, Clippers are difficult to find in stores.

  5. I bought a metal one. Hasn't worked once. Changed the flint and all.

  6. In Holland you can buy the metal for €1,95 without the case

  7. You turn the plastc clipper side ways to get a bigger fite

  8. Would be so nice if you could doit video about change stone in this lighter.

  9. Did it come filled from amazon?

  10. Hello, can you change the stone to the metal one? like in the plastic you can change also the stone when it doesnt spark.

  11. Comrade,
    The wheel is pentagonal, not hexagonal, as there are only five sides.
    -Vladimir P.

  12. turn the clipper on its side or upside down

  13. I have a metal one. I prefer the thumb press of the plastic clipper. Does your metal one feel different than the plastic? I feel like the metal doesnt press down as far as the plastic.

  14. Clippers are made so you don't have to throw them away

  15. the reviews on Amazon are really bad on the metal one, why?

  16. Would be so nice if you could store a couple of flints in the body. Nothing worse than losing your flint when you're far from civilization. Perhaps clipper should produce a "Clipper Survivor" model : ) Perhaps with a wind guard, rain cap and a mini compass in the base which you can unscrew to reveal spare flints. LOL

  17. Disagree with your opinion on which lighter to buy. Clippers are refillable, durable, and reliant lighters. Even if you were going to get a plastic one, they are still refillable! "four for the price of one" does not really matter if i can keep even a cheep plastic one for a couple years or more. I say for daily use, go with a metal one. less ware from daily usage, more durable, adjusted flame. Good vid. Not hating just my opinion

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