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Plasma lighter VS Zippo lighter

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Plasma lighter VS Zippo lighter
Vway Plasma electric arc lighter VS a classic Zippo windproof lighter, which lighter is better? I take several things into consideration such as fuel economy, weight, wind resistance and practicality.
Plasma lighters work by shooting a beam of electricity between two pylons, igniting anything caught between them. They are also known as Tesla lighters and electric arc lighters.

The Zippo windproof is a classic petrol lighter that has a fillable petrol tank with cotton wool, the petrol then soaks into the wick and is ignited by the striking mechanism, however a flaw of the Zippo is that over time the petrol evaporates.

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  1. brought my dad an Vway arc ligher for his Bday he smoke cigarettes which the arc lighter works well for. I have been messing about with it tho seeing what i can burn with it and I managed to get a candle to light that was in a smallish jar tho the wick on it is fairly long. Shame they aren't overly practical yet tho in all fairness the lid just needs a wider hinge on it so it can open as much as the zippo lighter the safety switch should still work I would have thought.

    My only concern is that surely the electrodes will eventually burn away and will stop working?

  2. I like Zippo but arc lighters look cool

  3. I love zippo's,as a prepper i find them more useful for obvious reasons…however that plasma lighter does have a cool factor and wouldn't affect the taste of a cigarette like petrol can

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