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Plasencia Cosecha 146 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Plasencia has been making tobacco for 150 years. Now they’ve released their own line of cigars. In this video we’ll put their Cosecha 146 through a full review. (we had some camera focus issues with this video, which we have resolved for all further videos).

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  1. Tim! Man I want to support you and your business. I’m a man of habit and I like what I like, that being said if you could bring in Rocky Patel’s Connecticut and Broad leaf cigars I’d be a customer for life. I know you carry the 1999 vintage Conn. but he has another just called Connecticut. Please Please see what you can do! Thanks!

  2. Love your reviews i feel like im listenin to an average joe instead of a hoity toity reviewer would love to see some reviews on caldwell

  3. Sup man, any chance you gonna put that shirt on your site for sale? I would rock that especially in a tank top.

  4. Almost 26000 subscribers already damn bro !!!!! What I'm doing wrong ? Hehe

  5. You have a lot of bass humming in this video

  6. I love watching your reviews, but I hate taking notes. Have you ever thought about releasing a weekly or monthly email summary, detailing your review information as well as links for purchase? Just food for thought. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey man, love these videos!
    Two little suggestions for improvement: you could turn off your camera's auto-focus and manually focus it once to where you'll be sitting (right now, you're blurry a lot of the time), and the other thing is that in this video there's a constant deep humming in the background. You probably can't turn that off, but fortunately, since it's a static frequency, you can filter it out in your edition program.
    Cheers and keep up the good work! ^^

  8. Hey Tim, love the channel. do you have any idea where I can find the Edga Lovo cigars online?!! Iam looking for the one with the Cabernet infused wrapper and I cant find it on your website. Pls help 🙁

  9. Nice review Tim. You just keep adding to the brands I need to eventually try, lol.

  10. What's up Tim, I am loving the box pressed rebelion, outstanding stick. I'm still trying to make up my mind on the liga muerte, but I onle smoked just one. You guys are my go to from now on. I do have a question, have you ever considered carrying Particulares Crema Cesenta (don't go crazy Spanish speaking people, that's how it's spelled on the actual cigar) I love those cigars, but I can only get it from brick and mortar stores or Thompson, Thompson's the worst. Just asking for a friend, me.

  11. I totaly thought the thumbnail said placenta cigar.. lol

  12. Nice flag in background. Appreciate the support! 💪🏻💯

  13. Tim are you really the light to medium cigar anymore? You have smoked a lot of medium to full cigars and liked them a lot. Great review keep up the great work.

  14. Hey, what lighter are you using?

  15. I have tried the Maduro in this stick,,,very nice.

  16. Great cigar review TIM YOU DA MAN BRUH!


  18. General comment here but I just had to tell you, that I have ordered from you 2x and have received both orders before "another cigar companies" order and I ordered from them at the same time as my 1st order with Cigar Daily. Major Kudos!!! Lightning fast shipping ain't no joke!!!!

  19. Awww I wish the discount is for all of plensencia because I want to try other few that don't have ashtray boxes

  20. Hey Tim, great video! Your success and progress has shown greatly and I look forward to your upcoming videos!

  21. Definitely wanted to try this….wife’s gonna be upset. She already knows you well Tim lol !!

  22. That ash looks like the end of a shotgun in bugs bunny cartoons haha

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