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Pistachio • Peter Stokkebye • Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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a Review of Peter Stokkebye’s Pistachio. YTPC



  1. Ethan, my friend!
    Thanks a lot for that! Right on the spot…I agree on that! And thanks for sending the sample!
    Take care! Be well!

  2. I really like the Stokkebye family of blends. There are weak links, but, overall they do a great job. Pistachio ice cream don't get me started…

  3. It sounds unusual… I wonder how easy it is to capture the flavor of something like pistachio and apply it to a tobacco…
    Just goes to show ya… if at first it don't taste great… try it at a later date!

  4. Hey Ethan, this baccy sounds like it made a good comeback…perhaps one to give a try.
    Take care my friend….we'll talk soon.

  5. Great review, had seen it many times but past it up, may be something  I will go back an look at an get a few ounces to try , since am a Virginia fan anyways you make  it sound pretty good, take care an happy smokes brother..John

  6. Good to see you Ethan! That beard is coming in nicely! I have been interested in the peaches and cream from pete stok. Thank you for the pistachio review bc I love pistachios and now I know if its a tryer or not.

  7. You retrohale like a Big Dawg! I have to remove the pipe from my mouth, and make sure all hatches are battened before I exhale through my nose. Jealous! You've made me want to pull my own Stokkebye Pistachio out of the cellar. Good vid!

  8. Where did you get that tobacco . Good review

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