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Pipes vs. Cigars (f. Perla Del Mar Maduro & El Baton Cigars)

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In this video we’re putting pipe smoking and cigar smoking to the test. What’s your opinion on the battle between pipes and cigars? Drop us a comment.

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  1. I smoke both pipes and cigars. Don't get me wrong I love cigars. But I don't have the budget to smoke a decent cigar every time I want to smoke. Pipe tobacco is cheaper. I can get a oz for 5-6 bucks from my local tobacco shop and be set for a week or two at the rate I smoke. It is a art u have to get down but once u do it's a amazing way to pass the time. I did find a cigar that's the best of both worlds called "half pipe" they put pipe tobacco in the cigars and there really cheap and smooth. I can find them for 1$ a stick

  2. I really don't think you guys gave this comparison a fair shake. On the cigar end, you're obviously smoking a couple of good sticks. But when you go to the pipe, you packed them with Captain Black! You would've had a far better experience with a premium tinned or bulk blend.

    So as you can tell, I smoke pipes a lot more often than cigars. I smoke my pipe everyday. When I'm not working, it's a good way to wind down. Yeah, it is more labor intensive, but its something that forces you to slow down. Plus, I like all the different flavors and aromas a good pipe tobacco offers. I will have a cigar once in a while to switch things up, but I just prefer a good bowl of pipe tobacco.

  3. These guys are funny, I sure hope they don't get lung cancer or anything.

  4. I smoke both as well. Pipe smoking takes a lot of skill while cigars are like plug and play. After 20 years of smoking cigars I have moved almost exclusively to pipes.

  5. Most pipe smokers today are very much blue collar. Case in point, I smoke my pipe while driving my big rig down the highway. Its a bigger commitment and learning curve and its not for everybody. But I enjoy it just as much as enjoying a cigar. There is a plus and minus to both. Way to go for at least trying a pipe!

  6. I smoke both but prefer a cigar over a pipe. I usually go to my pipe if I don't have time for a cigar but want to chill and have a smoke.

  7. I concur cigars are a manly thing 🤘🤘

  8. Lol I smoke both and I am not elegant or sophisticated by any means 😂 the smoke was more aromatic than cigars because well.. you were smoking aromatic pipe tobacco. ✌

  9. I smoke both pipes and cigars

  10. i love cigars and pipe matter fackt with a pipe you never will wayst a parshal cigar ever agin cos win your cigar gits low ither cut it up and pack in a pipe or if gage is not bigger thin the tubbavo chamber thin you can jest pout it in your pipe and injoy the intiyer cigar thats what i do.ther ar miniy ways to smowk your pipe and its what evet you fill conferbull doing and you have miniy veritiys of pipes what you would wont is a sitter not a egg shape or rawnd billerd like what you got and i say a check tool is the best pipe tool to git .i smowk captin black but its not my favriy i git a haws blinr calld RIVER RODE frome STARIST TUBACUNIST i recumind this blend you otu go on line git it and i promiss you wownt be dispoyntid its a strate black cavindish blent and for bradliy i think you be more of a virgina Kentucky blind guy its more strate tubbaco flaver like cigar is with no casing at all .thank you guys .may GOD bless.

  11. Who else wants to see these guys vape next??!

  12. Hey guys! Bradley, nothing is more blue collar than pipe smoking! Would love to smoke a few bowls and sticks with y'all! I smoke both pipes and cigars, almost daily. I don't know any pipe smoker that doesn't enjoy both, it's usually cigar guys that snob the pipe. To each his own, they both have their amazing differences, usually circumstantial at least for me. Bradley there are some tobaccos that would totally captivate your palate! LOL The realm of pipe tobacco mirrors the world of cigars (IPCPR). Keep the videos coming!

  13. Cigars, not into pipe smoking.

  14. Pipe /10 Cigars /8

    Pipes different relaxation.
    Own a Italian Savinelli .

  15. Can you say my name in the next video please

  16. hey guys! I love the cigar reviews, I want to start smoking cigars but don't know with what cigar to start. I checked your your site and want to know what you recommend, thanks

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