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Pipe Tobacco Review: Solani 779 “English Luxury Mixture”

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A milder English style pipe tobacco blend containing Syrian Latakia. Does it live up to the quality we expect from Solani?

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From “A sophisticated English blend, an extraordinary mixture of red, ripe Virginia, fine Oriental tobaccos & Syrian Latakia. This very mild blend will appeal to both Latakia lovers and those who prefer a real natural taste. Crimp cut.”

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  1. Another delightful review. -Thank you Bradley πŸ˜Šβ˜•πŸŒ»πŸ‘

  2. Good thorough description.

    Making sense of the term crimp cut … the term usually refers to cuts found in classics such as Prince Albert, which is a chopped ribbon cut. The chopping helps to shorten the long strands found in traditional ribbon cuts. This, in turn, makes loading and packing easier. One simply feeds the tobacco into the chamber, followed by a light tamp, and then you're good to go.

    Longer ribbons are a bit trickier to pack. As you mention, the Solani is easy to pack and burns with a minimum of fuss. That seems to qualify it as a true crimp cut, even though there are the occasional chunky broken-flake bits. Mark

  3. Solani never disappoints, it's kinda expensive but the price matches quality.

  4. Excellent Review….I trust your opinion so much more highly than the reviews at the tobacco websites.Β  Thanks for all the hours of work you put into each program.Β  (PS – enjoying both channels, and telling friends…)

  5. i'm not a pipes smoker but i enjoy these reviews , which i suppose is weird , my Dad however used to, many moon ago , smoke a pipe when he was trying to stop smoking. He used to Smoke a mixture called Erinmore Balkan which always to me smelt nice i wondered if you'd ever come across this and what it was like.
    How is your Dad doing now is he back to good health ?
    Thanks Brad your reviews of anything are entertaining .

  6. Thanks Bradley, this sounds very pleasant I shall indeed have to try it!!!!

  7. I actually really like the MacBaren HH Vintage Syrian, so I ordered 2lbs of it, also same for Dunhill EMP. I'll have to try this one too, and buy up a lot if it is good.

  8. As for the number, basically all Solani blends are numbered so there's no relation to the Sobranie blend.

  9. Brad like your reviews. I do have one critique. when reviewing I don't think it's helpful to parse every ingredient. for example when I smoke a cigar that has an equidorian wrapper Mexican binder and fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua I can't parse all the flavors from each ingredient I just get an overall experience. like your reviews just one comment/note on reviews like this

  10. Great review! Sounds like a tobacco I would enjoy. Guess I'll have to add it to my list of tobaccos that I need to try.

  11. Thank you for this nice review, as always was performed on high level. as for eniglish bleds, after trying several classic english&scottish yet oriental mixtures I' finally come to conclusion, latakia in any sort or in any quantity simply does put me off
    Smoked lots of Dunhill Standard,while its good and manlike blend as are the majority of traditional english blends, it turned out that sourness and smokiness yet often high nic contents are just not for me, nevetheless, I highly do appreciate these tradition-rich all time blends.Moreover this you overview on Syrian&Cyprian L types brought lots of info, and finally I do agree this Solani is a great blend on its own, I have had it in past more than once, its a very good and quality stuff,and now I'm eagerly looking forward to hear your impression on Amph Org Blend. Thank you for doing these very dependable tobacco reviews over the whole Y-Tube. Friendly yours,Paul

  12. Hey Bradley. Nice review, good tobacco. Where did you read that HH Vintage Syrian is going out of production? A big German online store has just put out their offer and stated that Mac Baren has stock of Syrian Latakia for another 2 – 3 years of production. Thanks again for this quality review. Take care. Janez

  13. Good review. Nice take on Syrian vs Cyprian Latakia. I"m not a big Latakia smoker, but I do like Syrian more, and might get a couple of tins. for the couple times of year bowl.

  14. hey Bradley very nice review I'm going to get this blend sounds like it might be mild enough for me I like the red Virginias havnt had a blend with Latikia in it so I'm hoping that I like it thanks for sharing buddy and enjoy the rest of your week β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ best regards Peter.

  15. I didn't know Syrian Latakia was disappearing – hopefully some enthusiast(s) will take up the production, like happened with Perique, it would be a real shame to have to go completely.

    McClelland has a blend they call "Rose of Latakia" which is a fine celebration of Syrian, I highly recommend it!

  16. Hi Brad, can you do a review of the Brigham aurora borealis? Thanks!!

  17. I would rather smoke Royalty than Solani's. Good review. Smoking Gawith's Balkan Flake, you should try it. Have a great weekend.

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