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Pipe Tobacco Review: Solani 633 “Virginia Flake with Perique”

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After being quite impressed with Solani’s “Aged Burley Flake,” we decided to give their VA/Per a try. is Solani’s “Virginia Flake with Perique” as tasty as their Burley blend? Find out!

From Monjure International: “A classic flake with bright Virginias and perique. This cool, slow burning blend has a natural sweetness and a wonderful room aroma.”

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  1. I have noticed most flake tobacco comes a little more moist most of the time.

  2. I am surprised you haven't reviewed solani silver flake. very tasty and mellow Virginia Kentucky

  3. Fresca! My granny said hit the showers!

  4. My first Solani. It lives up to the hype.

  5. You know what? My grandma did do that. Thanks for sparking that memory.

  6. Great, excellent review Bradley. Congrats. I liked it a lot. Thank you very much.

  7. how is it that much tobacco's come from Europe but that getting them in Europe is way harder than in America

  8. I really like your good audio/video quality. All the other pipe related youtubers have less good quality

  9. My grandma gave me Tahitian Treat. Whereas I love Tahitian Treat, I hope this tobacco does not taste like it. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the clip.After your review got my self a tin of Solani 633.My choice of VA/Per is usually Hal O' Wynd,Old Gowrie, St,James Flake or Escudo I found this flake quite pleasant,so thanks.I've noticed that you're using some kind of rubber thing on the stem.I've been puffing for long time and some of my older Savis and Stamwell's has lots of teeth marks on the stem.Whom shall I contact to get those rubber shields to protect my older pipe stems?
    Have a pleasant weekend.

  11. Ordered. It seems like a good idea to support Europes economy! Haha..

  12. +Mikko Rajakylä – I didn't actually think it was similar to Escudo (other than the fact that they're both VA/Pers). I'd put it closer to Dunhill Elizabethan. It's not as "bread-like" as Escudo.

  13. I have heard that this is quite similar to Escudo. Do you agree? It is hard to find Escudo in Europe (funny because they make it in Denmark).

  14. Sounds excellent! I have only had the Silver Flake in the Solani range but it has become one of my top three blends. I have a tin of the VaPer flake but there are so many blends and so little time!

  15. This is excellent, you keep hitting everything on my wish list in these reviews, haha!

  16. Hey Bradley ! Thanks for the review. I'm intrigued. I think you're thinking of Propylene glycol which is used in many things that we eat and is used mostly as a preservative. It's safe but it does lend itself to a sweetness that some love or hate. Cheers friend

  17. Hey amigo, missed your Sunday smoke. hope all is well.

  18. +Mikkel Krüger – Interesting. I'll definitely look into it.

  19. Have you ever tried a blend made by the danish company, My Own Blend? It is a brilliant danish tobacco company. I can seriously recommend Frederik Den Niendes English Mixture (Frederik the ninths english mixture), it is the best english mixture I have ever smoked! It could be cool to see a review of it.

  20. Once again a good review, I would like to know your opinion on the W.O.LARSEN NAVY FLAKE.

  21. +addison davis – For the most part, any pipe tobacco additives will be anti-fungals, sugars, and natural flavors. In my opinion, a much more natural tobacco than what you'd find in most cigarettes.

  22. hi again im pretty new to pipe smoking i was wondering  what is the best Tobacco i have just tasted 3 sorts  a danish aromatics  vanilla taste and peterson De Lux Mixture
    and peterson old dublin i dident really like the the two other   but old dublin tasted good  i got toung bite of the others can you give me som Tobacco tips

  23. Now, you say that they want to keep their tobacco as natural as possible ? Does that mean they don't put all the cancer causing chemicals in there ? I do understand that they don't have as many as the cigs do . I guess what I'm trying to ask is basically , does pipe tobacco have chemicals in them similar to cigs ?

  24. Nice review, I haven't had this one in a while. Coincidentally, I've been smoking Silver Flake all day. Other viewers have been putting in requests for reviews which is cool. I think you might enjoy "exploring the world of Mac Baren." HH line up is solid and some of their classics are pretty tasty.

  25. Hey Bradley —

    I'm a subscriber and have watched lots of your videos, which I have much enjoyed.  I know you get requests all the time, but as a pipe smoker (never cigarettes) for many years, I keep coming back to Mac Baren Plumcake, but it looks like you haven't reviewed it yet.  I've tried many of the recommendations, but I find my mouth chemistry or whatever makes things like Escudo, HH Dark, HH Syrian Latakia, etc. makes the aftertaste in my mouth too much like an ash tray, and not an enjoyable burp or flavor.  The closest I have found that I also like is Frog Morton Cellar, which is also flavored slightly with whiskey, while the Plumcake is rum, both of which are in the background while smoking, but leave a very pleasant aftertaste.  I don't smoke aromatics, and my most recent tryout that just arrived is Dunhill My Mixture 965, because of the many respected smokers that like it, including, of course, yourself.  Anyway, I hope you do a review on Plumcake, which has been around a long time, like me.  BTW, I'm in Edmonds, and have a cousin in B-ham, so it would be great sometime to meet for a smoke when I'm up there.  I'm a member of the Seattle Pipe Club, but it's a killer drive, so I'm going to try the Kitsap Group this month, which is actually closer.  Congrats on the very engaging videos and your well-deserved stats!  Look forward to more…Chuck

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