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Pipe Tobacco Review: Samuel Gawith “Beginner’s Luck”

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The second collaboration between Samuel Gawith and The Danish Pipe Shop, “Beginner’s Luck” is an aromatic (*gasp*) blend of Virginias, Cavendish, and Burley with a whiskey and vanilla topping.

“Beginner’s Luck” at

From The Danish Pipe Shop: “Due to our close cooperation with Samuel Gawith, and the success of The Brown Sugar Flake, we can now introduce the second Samuel Gawith/The Danish Pipe Shop (SG/TDPS) tobacco called Beginners Luck. Again it has been a long process with numerous tests and we are really pleased with the result. The goal was to find a perfect tobacco for the ones who smokes occasionally, fans of semi aromatic pipe tobacco and new pipesmokers. This is a loose cut, easy to pack, mixture with top quality Virginia, Burley and Cavendish. For a pleasant flavour whisky and vanilla has been added.”

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  1. Thanks Bradley! I thought that the review would progress in this manner! haha. Most of those characteristics you described are what we expect from an aromatic i.e tongue bite, hot burning, chemical-ish taste. A well produced review as always!!!

  2. Hey Bradley (woodchucks) here…, a
    …Had to reset my (YouTube) stuff. However, Great Pipe tabbacco review 🍄☕🎮😎

  3. These are great smoking reviews

  4. I started pipe smoking with a couple different Captain Black's and Peterson Irish Dew. Now that I have ventured into non-aromatics, I struggle to even want to smoke an aromatic again. I still love smelling my pouches of Captain Black's, but when it comes to actually filling a bowl, I typically reach for H&H Blackhouse or Dunhill Nightcap. Yummy!

  5. Thanks for a pleasant rewiev. I've tried few of Gawith's Aromatics(Celtic Talisman and Firedance Flake) and they were not my cup of tea, only ones I like is lighty cased Perfection- a english with light vanilla note and then Sam's Flake with tonguin bean casing. Have a great weekend.

  6. ….I enjoy variety and I'd like to think I'm methodically careful with my tabbacco blends… Great stuff… -Thank you Bradley 🍄☕🍺😎😊

  7. I think Ennerdale is one of the few Aromatics I like. That and Gawith Hoggarth brown flake Liquorice

  8. Hey man, did u change the camera?

  9. …after listening to this, it's time for a bowl of Commonwealth Mixture…i left the aromatics fairly quickly when i first started burning…

  10. How does the whiskey compare to Frog Morton's cellar?

  11. Enjoyed your review. I do like some aromatics however I am very susceptible to tongue bite. So I will probably skip this one. Have a great day

  12. I enjoy aromatics but I do get what your saying, I find myself enjoying aromatics more towards the middle to the end of the bowl because the tobacco flavors start to come through for me and I get both flavors

  13. A highly scrupulous assessment as always. Ya know, the rare "indulging" (I am using that term rather loosely) in an aromatic blend is not unlike a yearly visit to to greasy Chinese food buffet. You know full well ahead of time that it is going to be awful, and that the level of regret shall be quite robust. You just know it. Nevertheless, something perverse from within compels you to give it the benefit of the doubt anyway, despite the collective knowledge from past experiences shrieking and wailing at you to do otherwise. The inevitable occurs and you are left with not just a bad taste in your mouth in your mouth but a coating; a coating that tastes like MSG and poor quality soy sauce or in this instance, artificial whiskey chemical. In either case, the similarities to the taste of ass are quite assertive.

    Anywho… I've discovered that the most effective way to assuage the ruinous palate coating that comes with the periodic experimentation with aromatic tobaccos and americanized Sichuan cuisine is the liberal application of a mix of Latakia and Cigar. Yes sir, that does the trick.

  14. Have you considered trying Peterson 1865?
    It has become one of my favourite English blends, if not the one.
    Also im curious to know what your all time favourite is?

  15. Thanks for an honest review. I am sure I would have almost the same experience. Wonder why so many 'mild' aromatic tobaccos burn hot and bite, when the intended audience are beginners…
    I also prefer more pure (and unfortunately usually more expensive) English tobaccos. Smoked pipe for 30+ years and have only liked a few aromatics, such as Madagascar from my My Own Blend, which I find is very special, so that I even bought more tins. After a few relights Madagascar burns very well, taste is more consistent through the bowl, it is dry and with the finest ashes left.

  16. I'm pretty much with you in the aros, with the possible exception of some if the Gawith Hoggarth flakes like Rum Flake, the chocolate one isn't too bad, and maybe another one. I really don't like black cavendish. Just tastes like filler

  17. The verdict I always reach with aromatics: "I don't dislike it, it's kinda pleasant, but I can't stand any more than 3 puffs, otherwise it feels terrible after a minute or so". This applies to all the aros Ive tried. It gets hot and feels like tasting a roasted bubblegum.

  18. Dan Tobacco : hamborger vermaster and old iron side u should try …perfect review again thanks😋

  19. It would rock if you reviewed Peter Stokebyes Bullseye flake!!!!!

  20. I would call McClelland's Frog Morton's Cellar a "semi-aromatic". I'm a fan of Frog Morton to begin with so it is pleasant enough – but then I'd rather have the original Frog Morton without any flavorings, so it isn't really for me. But those that like medium-strong Latakia blends and think they might enjoy a little whiskey flavoring to go along with the tobacco taste might give it a try. The flavoring tastes like whiskey and not much else (no chemical flavor).

    I remember back in the day when I started smoking a pipe; I started with aromatics and they were pleasant enough at the time, but once I tried my first non-aromatic I left them behind. And now I just can't smoke them, too much wet chemical flavor in the vast majority to suit me. But not everyone is sensitive to what bothers me, so, as the saying goes, to each his own. 🙂

  21. You're a good sport Bradley, and nothing if not honest! Thanks for the review. DPS has some pretty tempting offerings but I can't seem to get past the added shipping costs! I guess if you bought multiple tins once it would make the cost more palatable!

  22. Have you tried St. James Wood from McClelland? I know you like VA/ pers and I think it would be up your alley.

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