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Pipe Tobacco Review: Quiet Nights by GL Pease

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Yup, I forgot to talk about the tin note (dark fruits) and room note (smoke?), but here is my full review of Quiet Nights by G.L. Pease. Definitely one of my favorite English blends of all time.


  1. Great video Derek! you really did good on this one with all the effort that you put in it. We hope we'll once have a chance to try this blend. Greetz

  2. Great video. Awesome work.

  3. OH, We want the Funk, gotta have that Funk!

    I enjoyed that review.

  4. This was a killer review man. I've drifted away from English blends since the weather has turned warmer but this will definitely be included in my next order.

  5. I have some on the way! I like what you said about smoking the tobacco in the right pipe. I find that to be very true. I got some HH Vintage Syrian … tried it in one pipe and was underwhelmed. I put it in one of my Savinelli's this morning and it was a totally different experience. I also think the more you smoke a tobacco the more you get out of it, the more you learn it's nuances etc. While there are some that grab me the first time, more often than not there are lots of slow burners out there.

  6. An awesome review of an awesome tobacco. C & D tobaccos are sometimes just fantastic, and I love the more natural edge that they have. I like Quiet Nights a good 4 or 5 times better than Penzance. It carries itself better and is more consistent by a ton.

  7. Hi Derek,

    awesome review, especially the statement about Penzance at the end. Thank you very much for your honesty.

    Oh man, i hope i don't mess things up here. My German is much better, please believe me. 🙂


  8. Great review man, I really enjoy this blend as well

  9. Great review, can't wait to crack a tin of this!

  10. I think you stumbled onto something; doing reviews in this fashion. Great job. I picture your beard smelling like Franken Berry. Thanks Derek.

  11. Now that sir, was an EXCELLENT review. I really liked your approach. Most people don't stick with smoking just the one blend and trying it in various pipes to find the perfect combo. I think that's a great way to do it. The smelling of the beard request was perfectly executed and was the icing on the cake! Thanks for the thoughtful review! I'm gonna order me a tin soon. Take care!

  12. Great job, Derek… Happy Father's Day!

  13. Similar to Gaslight. Both have that creamy component with deep dark richness. I often ponder – Gaslight or QN on an island. Too close to call!

  14. Thanks for the insight Derek!

  15. Excellent, excellent review Derek. Congrats. I liked it very, very much. Thanks alot man.

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