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Pipe Tobacco Review – Peterson Sherlock Holmes Mix

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I bought this tobacco in 2011 and want keen so thought I’d give it another go. A light and fruity Va and Burley mixture. Popular due to the name perhaps more than the taste.


  1. when i first opened the tin of this stuff it made me pull away quick!!! lol and when you first light it up it''s a little vile, but after it has settled it is quite nice, gives me a very chilled out/zone out sensation, good for thinking or reading.

  2. Nice looking cob and love the stem!

  3. You had me with the intro music! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Dunc. I haven't tried many Petersons tobaccos, yet. Just Sunset Breeze, and Old Dublin. If you enjoy amaretto, though, the Sunset Breeze is quite nice. I've really been enjoying the teas you sent me. All of them have been really good. Today, I opened the box of Dorset tea. It's quite nice, with a good malty flavor to it. BTW, for decaf tea, my wife loves Typhoo decaf. And, I agree with her. It's got decent flavor, for decaffeinated. Hope that you're well. Take Care, my friend. Ed

  5. No sale, sounds like a hard work smoke to me, good to see you.

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