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Pipe Tobacco Review: Peterson “Irish Oak”

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Searching for an Elizabethan Mixture replacement: Peterson “Irish Oak” seems like a strange choice with the addition of burley, cavendish and *gasp* sherry flavoring to the traditional VA/Per recipe, but it may come closer than one would think.
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From the tin: “A rich blend of Brazilian and African Virginia leaf with Cavendish and rare Louisiana Perique.”

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  1. Great review. Thank you for all the hard work you put in for our entertainment. When you said you liked Irish Oak for its own merits but that it was a bit bothersome that certain elements seemed a bit different, it got me to thinking: Did you originally seek out Elizabethan or did Elizabethan come to you by happy chance? Perhaps if it is the latter, another completely different blend will find its way to your satisfaction one day.

  2. Never smoked a va/per. What would you suggest for a first time?

  3. Peterson's special blends, like the yearly Christmas blends, are produced by K&K it seems. That helps to add to the confusion.

  4. Try Bayou Morning loose cut. Might taste closer to you.

  5. Seeing how today is the first time I've seen you , i have smoke Orlik Golden Slice, Dunhill Ye Olde Signe and Dunhill DE Luxe Navy. All of them are very good. Thanks for all of your effort to keep all pipe people up to date .Steve ..

  6. Great review, now I have to try it.

  7. cornell and diehl s bayou morning is a great vapor. im smoking the broken flake version but it comes in a robbon too

  8. I think what is stored in the Sherry Oak barrels is the Perique, before it's blended.

  9. Would you make review of some Amphora's blends?

  10. Howdy Bradley, tell me please  how this compares to Dunhill Navy Rolls, I assume  the latter is lighter with less Perique mixed,moreover couldn't you consider Haunted Bookshop being as an alternative to Elizabethian ,lots of experienced smoker in The U.S are swearing by it,Have a nice Weekend, Paul

  11. I'm wondering if the fact that you can  barely taste the sherry flavoring is perhaps not some evidence that they actually DO use sherry barrels in some capacity; sherry barrels are often used in Scotch production to impart a subtle flavor and some color as well, and that is also very like to be a minimalistic influence. Or perhaps its a situation where they use barrel staves or block cubes from  an oak barrel that once contained sherry. My guess would be the latter, if for no other reason that it would be less difficult to produce and wouldn't require the cumbersome situation of having a bunch of barrels sitting around; its not a perique factory after all; but now I digress and wax prolix 🙂

  12. lol why the search for a "replacement?" Why not just buy more Elizabeth than you can ever smoke in your lifetime, haha? Better yet, buy the perfect amount of tins so that you just so happen to finish off your stash while on your death bed.

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