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Pipe Tobacco Review: Peter Stokkebye “Luxury Bullseye Flake”

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An oft requested review of the popular bulk blend.
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From “Peter Stokkebye’s Luxury Bullseye Flake is a delightful blend of Virginias and Perique, with a touch of black Cavendish — thinly sliced into neat bullseye coins.”

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  1. I have a lot of this tobacco in my cellar. And I can not say it becomes much better with age. It becomes darker, mature, but a little bit more bitter. So, basically, fresh and aged – are two different tobacco.

  2. Good review as as always so thanks. LBF is close to Davidoffs Flake Medallions execpt LBF has little more Perique. Usually I just fold the coin into bowl. I still prefer Escudo over Stokkebye's.

  3. Have you tried Sutliff's Elizabethan Mixture Match blend? Wondering how it would compare with the original? Just a thought.

  4. You're very well spoken. Any tips for that? I feel like I know a lot of words but always use the same words more or less.

  5. It appears to be aged well, but I guess it didn't taste that way. I think it's ok, but much prefer their other vap. blend.

  6. wow, awesome. I remember asking you to do this review a couple of months ago! Thanks for posting it up!

    btw, my parents lived in Federal Way and Fife at one point. Didn't know you were from WA. I should've caught onto it since I've been watching so many of your videos.

  7. Great video as always! I always look forward to having a bowl and listening to your interpretation of the many different blends you have reviewed over the years.. good stuff Brad! Do you think it's almost time to do a re-review of Elizabethan? Perhaps on the anniversary of the initial review post?

  8. it's very good value online decent stuff.

  9. Brad maybe it is nice to explain the differences from C&D and G.L. Pease. They are both from the same company but are there changes in fabrication at the total assortment of tobacco.

  10. Hey Bradley! Nice video as usual my friend. Have you tried sutliff elixabethan mixture match yet? It's such a delicious blend. Lots of bright virginias in it. It isn't as deep and dark as the current dunhill EM. It's sweet with lots of citrus and fruits notes. Quite pleasing. I really liked the dunhill EM, but sutliff EM is also a really good unique blend.

  11. I had to add a hefty amount of latakia to the blend for my taste. Yes it is a bit funny to have latakia with the cavendish, but I thought it was ok.

  12. It's so funny, I was trawling your reviews for Stokkebye Bullseye Flake just yesterday! I actually find the "bag aroma" of the flakes a bit sickly sweet, treacly, or molasses-like. When smoked I don't mind the flavor but I but am not enamored with it. It does bite me a little. Great review as usual my good friend Bradley! The audience.

  13. So delish… can't get it here. SAD! DTM Roper's Roundels is the same. I love this and always have a 100g tin. Nice review!

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