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Pipe Tobacco Review: Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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A closer look at Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky!

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  1. Nice review! Never tried that blend, so its good to know these information and your opinion. I dont have big experience with flakes but have the same problem with erinmore flake. Suggestion: When using your zippo spin the wheel with your index finger and use your thumb to hold the under/downfaced part of the lighter. That way you limit the possibility to roast your fingers. Also, I like your pipe related videos, good job there.

  2. Great review. When ever I smoke those Dark Kentucky blends I always think Beef Jerky (I guess I should have said two words).The Dark Fired probably is the biggest example of that. I also agree with you 100% that it's an outside smoke. There's something about the smoke that is "sticky" if that's the right word. It gets on your clothes for sure. Keeping it lit, same here. The Tobacco has a feel to it that I also can't describe correctly but you could pick it out in the dark. Your review looks very much what mine would have looked like. Very shrewd.

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