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Pipe Tobacco Review: Mac Baren – Virginia No 1

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Andrew checking in from Budapest, Hungary.
Have a great smoke YTPC, and thank you for visiting my virtual smoking lounge!

Pipe Tobacco Review: Mac Baren – Virginia No 1

In this video I smoke:
Pipe: Savinelli 320 Marron Glacé
Tobacco: Mac Baren – Virginia No 1

My channel revolves around pipe smoking, tobacco and pipe accessory reviews and keeping in touch with others who share the same hobby as me. Hope you find my content entertaining. Your feedback is really important for me, if you have any thoughts please make sure you leave a comment or send me a message.

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  1. Good review….i Just bought it on your recommendation. Will smoke it after dinner.

  2. Hey Andrew, very good review. I haven't tried this one as of yet, but I am curious about your remarks now… With the Nic, it's very subjective and it depends on the time of the day and the amount of food you had, as you know… So far I've only felt lightheaded with Elizabethan and with Irish Flake… Surprisingly not at all with Nightcap, in fact I think of it as a quite easy smoke, albeit strong and intense. Take care of yourself!!! Héctor

  3. A very pleasantly paced review! I didn’t mind the length at all – as it is, it keeps me company for a bowlful. I have actually avoided this one, fearing the notorious Mac Baren tongue bite, but now I might give it a try at least.
    In fact, Nightcap isn’t that strong when it comes to nicotine – not even close to Elizabethan mixture…
    Again, thanks for a very enjoyable and relaxing half an hour!

  4. Great review. A lot of information and insight for anyone interested. Also, people producing videos should take note and film outside if possible. The camera loves sunlight.

  5. Good review, well done Andrew

  6. One of my favorite blends. That and HH pure Virginia.

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