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Pipe Tobacco Review: Mac Baren “HH Latakia Flake”

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Fall is here, and it’s time for a tasty Latakia blend. Does “HH Latakia Flake” fit the bill?
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From the tin: “The taste is complex with the smokey taste from Latakia in the front seat, the subtle sweetness from the Virginias working in the back, and the mellow spiciness from the Orientals popping up from time to time, creating an intimate interplay where all the tobaccos play their role in this unique smoking experience. A mellow, yet satisfying tobacco, with a lot of nice, smoky aroma.”

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  1. Great review…just subscribed to your channel

  2. Young man, have you ever considered, with your obvious love of the pipe, and knowledge of tobacco, seeking your fortune… or a part of it, in the art of blending? ….. perhaps composing an improved version of your beloved Elizabethan (Bradley's Private Label ) ? We need young talented enthusiasts to step in before the current masters retire ( looking at you here Russ ! ) just as in the wine industry…. It would be interesting to try what you'd produce left to your own devices. …..
    Of course, there's always the danger, (as I well know) of an enjoyable hobby or pusuit becoming a … dare I say it ?…… a (shudder) .. job.
    But I think folks who enjoy your reviews, and know your tastes, would buy & try, and given your internet following, I'd imagine a producer or two…. or three… or four…… would be interested in working with you.
    Best wishes.

  3. Another excellent review Bradley. Congrats. I liked it so much. Thanks a lot.

  4. Thanks Garrett! That’s what I figured; a casing being a much lighter “flavoring” added for whatever reason🤔 and a “topping” being the obvious heavier flavoring added to an aromatic, like cherry or rum etc etc. I hear those terms thrown about so much just wasn’t completely sure! Thanks for taking the time to reply!

  5. Bahahaha! I'm fuckin' dead after that Dr. Pepper plug! 😵🤣😵

  6. My Tin of Latakia Flake arrived this morning. I had two bowls and immediately went online and ordered another five tins. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my grandad would smoke his pipe in the lounge after Christmas lunch. Will be keeping this in my rotation from now on. Thanks for a great review. Always look forward to your tobacco reviews as they provide me with great insight into what I might fancy trying every month when I get paid.

  7. Hello, Bradley. Firstable i just want to say that your videos are just outstanding! They are awesome!
    So i have this idea. I cultivated some tobacco this year, everything is cured and ready to go! I made some cigars. I also made some pipe tobacco. I want to send some of it to you! And you could maybe make a review on it? 🙂 If you think this is a good idea please hit me up and we can talk more and your adress etc.
    Best regards, Valter.
    My instagram: valtermichelin
    My email:

  8. Thanks Bradley great review, well produced as usual!!

  9. Awesome review. I love this blend as well. Ever try stronger Latakia blends ??

  10. Nice things being said about you, your reviews, and Sunday Smokes, on This Pipe Life website.

  11. What about pairing it with a pumpkin Ale?

  12. Spledid detailed review spiced up with a hint of humour, well, even I have decided not to smoke more latakia mixtures I still feel I must get this and give a try(previously when at your age I did lots of Latakia-Balkans but suddenly got overdose and switched to Kentucky )by any chance,Do you happen to smoke Latakia containing blend in one dedicated to these pipe?)Best Greets,Paul

  13. I really appreciate the over emphasized opening of the can. Nailed it. One little piece of constructive criticism though, you gotta have that label facing the camera. C,mon man…

    appreciate the review. Ill have to give latakia flake a try

  14. heyyy Bradley great review I'm going to give this blend a try not sure how I'm going to take to the Latakia hope it's a winner with me thanks for sharing buddy happy smokes ☺☺☺☺☺☺👍👍👍👍👍👍 best regards Peter.

  15. Yeah stuff and things…. always delivers great tobacco reviews!

  16. Can someone explain for me the difference between a “casing” and a “topping”. Thanks!

  17. Sweet tea and Escudo, Frog Morton and Chai tea and a latte goes with just about any blend. My 2 cents.

  18. Dr. Pepper is patrician-tier tbh

  19. Your a dork lol nice Dr Pepper promo. I'm playing Bradley I enjoy the video.

  20. That's how you do it. Make your own commercial!

  21. Nice review. I’ve been waiting for you to you review this. I’ve loved HH Latakia Flake for awhile now.

  22. A question pertaining to your tobacco reviews which I hope you might answer. We've all smoked blends in which the flavors and aromas of the various tobaccos come to the fore while others play a lesser role followed by another tobacco plays lead while others fade and so on through the bowl. That's one of the things that make pipe smoking interesting. In many of your reviews you state that "I have already smoked about a third of the bowl". I was wondering if these restarts somehow change your perception of the overall blend.

  23. Bradley, you should try Tsuge Ryujin. I find it to be a great Autumn blend. It reminds me of dead leaves, a fire, and a touch of cold metal.

  24. Even if one doesn't care much for the tin art ( I think it's understatedly elegant ) still have to give high points for it not being a slapped on paper label.

  25. Hello, Bradley. My father recently purchased me a new Savinelli and I've been told to use a small amount of bourbon and a minuscule amount of honey to protect the bowl prior to the first smoke (it is not carbonized), and I was wondering what your opinion is on that method. Would that be a good idea for a pipe novice, who is somewhat worried about damaging his first new pipe? I've seen your video on breaking in a pipe, but what do you think of this method?

  26. Just to give you a laugh. I had a very vivid dream a couple nights ago. In this dream, I wasn't really sure if I was going to get this job I was evidently applying for. The interviewer, which was a woman, took a really long pause looking at my application and said " You did watch the Sunday Smoke, Right?!" 😂

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