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Pipe Tobacco Review G&H Revor Plug 5 out of 5! 23 July 2017

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Revor Plug is a Lakeland classic from Gawith Hogarth and may be the best of its type. Virtually bite-free, not edgy, burns cool and features a topping which augments the tobacco flavors, rather than obscuring them. A mixture of fire-cured Kentucky burley and flue cured Virginias, it is then pressed into a plug. This may be the easiest plug to prepare that I’ve ever experienced. Room note is a pleasing but very strong, thick natural sweet tobacco aroma. Revor Plug yields a large amount of nicotine and should be smoked carefully, although the nicotine creeps up on one, rather than slap one’s face.
In the pouch, this tobacco smells of shoe polish, linoleum and fresh leather…like a 1960’s era shoe store, but there’s also just a nutty hint and a bit of molasses-like sweetness. In the bowl it starts out very sweet and becomes nuttier and somehow “fuller” as I work my way down to the heel. Requires about a half hour drying time after rubbing out the mixture (at 50% relative humidity) and will need a relight or two, but thereafter this tobacco burns fully to a dry, medium gray ash. This one gets my highest rating and my highest recommendation; it is a crying shame that this is not for sale in North America.

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  1. Easily my favourite baccy. I love the Lakeland plugs but have a decent variety of non lakes and to be honest I'd be happy if I just had Revor. Good no nonsense review, well done, look forward to more.

  2. "smells like shoe polish" not very enticing to be honest…

  3. Greetings my friend, glad to See the pipe in using 🙂

  4. Very good review of an exceptional tobacco, that one. Well done

  5. Good vid mate. One of my favourite baccis 🙂

  6. I can send you revor whenever you like Paul. It's my favourite plug. Though it bites my tongue a touch, as anything with burley in it does.

  7. Hey Uncle, sent you an email regarding horn snuff spoon, no rush, let me know if you did not recieve it. Cheers.

  8. I made a trade for 5 pouches, cellared 4, and have been slowly allowing myself a bit now and again.  Brilliant stuff.

  9. now i have another tobacco reviewer to watch.nice to see you smoking uncle squinty

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