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Pipe Tobacco Review: Germain’s – Royal Jersey – Original Latakia Mixture

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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10-15 year old tin of Germain’s Royal Jersey – Original Latakia Mixture

Virginian & Maryland type of tobaccos blended with Orientals from Greece and Turkey, top grade latakia.

Tin note: fermented fruit (plum), latakia, sweet and tangy Virginia.

Mild-Medium in terms of nicotine. Can be enjoyed all day.

While smoking: Mellow & Rich, creamy and round with a good mouth feel. Pleasant and tasty finish.
Complex, hints of rose water, somewhat herbal but kind of far in the background. Definitely not a Lakeland or latakia bomb by any means.

Highly recommended as it’s my favorite English thus far!

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  1. Hi Ben! I hope that your week is awesome + getting better as Sonday aproaches . I forget. Do you ever do any cigar's? Have you ever smoked any cheroot cigar's? They're strong. I don't know of any pipe tobacco like cheroot cigar's. Some come with anise. ps: the treat people like you want them treating you. Is something Jesus say's. Cool. Your kid's will grow up loving on each other. Possibly start to hug. As often as possible between them + you parent's. You're doing just fine Big Ben ! Pipe on!

  2. that sounds absolutely up my alley. looks like great stuff!

  3. Great review Ben! We really got excited for the blend.. We still have a lot to discover from Germains! Greetz

  4. Good stuff Ben, I have always been interested in Germain tobaccos. I need to try and get my hands on some

  5. Hello Ben,
    Thx for the review. Very interesting. If you like mellower Englishes, maybe you should try Presbyterian Mixture. I was given a sample more than a year ago, and it was very pleasant.

  6. def on my radar for awhile. always wondered what the cut looked like. Thanks for sharing this was great!

  7. Nice review on an interesting sounding baccy brother! Would you say it's more mild than Penzance?

  8. Good review. Keep up the good work. I'm sure you have tried Balkan Blue? Another mild but tasty Latakia blend.

  9. Nice pipe, I really like that look in a pipe. Was interested to hear this review. I have a tin of Germain's tucked away. Gonna save it for awhile probably but very interested to try it now. All the best!

  10. Wonderful review Ben! I need to see if that shop as anymore as I'd like to try some haha! Happy smokes brother!

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