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Pipe Tobacco Review: G. L. Pease “Stonehenge Flake”

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A reissue of a formerly limited edition blend: “Stonehenge Flake”
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From “In 2001, the late John Gawith (Gawith Hoggarth & Co.) and I collaborated to create an all new Virginia/perique flake. It was a pleasure working with John, and the result, Stonehenge Flake, was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Though originally produced as a limited edition of approximately 1500 2oz tins, the continued high-regard of this tobacco, along with repeated requests to recreate it, made bringing it back as a regular blend an obvious choice. It took some doing, but thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, we were able to bring Stonehenge back to life.

Stonehenge is a wonderful traditional flake comprised of bright flue-cured and sun-cured leaf from Brazil, Zimbabwe and Malawi, with just a touch of Burley added for a bit of body, and a slightly fuller flavor. Then, we added a good measure of perique for its unique contribution. Once blended, the leaf is steamed, hot-pressed into blocks and aged, allowing the flavors to further ferment and integrate. The mature blocks are sliced into thin flakes, and cut into 2″ lengths.

The label is new, but the tobacco is manufactured to the precise formula and protocol John and I developed all those years ago.”

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  1. Never commented on your vids but thanks for your honest reviews. As for the tobacco, at least they didn't put some name that totally misleads you like Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ that taste like camp fire and dirt. Then again I have no idea what plum pudding taste like north of the mason Dixon line but in the south it just like plums and pudding. Keep up the great work.

  2. I must try it now purely based on the tin note πŸ˜‚

  3. What is the pipe lighter that you use? Looks great.

  4. 142…Like's πŸ‘))

  5. …You Rock, Bradley. πŸ˜ŽπŸΊβ˜•πŸ“¬βœ”

  6. I'm in total agreement with you on this tobacco. I felt like I was lighting a pipe full of potpourri. But that said, the 2nd and 3rd bowl of it was a little better than my 1st impression. Not a go to smoke for me. I bought two tins of it and will keep one in the cellar for a few years and see what it is like then. The tin that I opened… I will revisit it on occasions and see if it gets any better. LOL My taste does vary with the times of the year, who knows. Blessings to you, another honest evaluation. Thanks.

  7. I really think I need to try this one. I liked your description and "think" I may like this blend. It's always worth a try. Thanks for reviewing this.

  8. Thanks for this review Bradley, very interesting, definitely worth a try I think!

  9. Hello, I just found out your channel and watched couple of your videos.. I think you are the right person to ask some questions about ''how to begin''.. As you undestand, I'm a beginner so can you give me some suggestions which brand I should choose including which type of pipe? ( Please consider to be economic )

    Greetings from Turkey

  10. Hi Bradley. Try it out of a meerschaum pipe. I like it better out of a meer. If it still bothers you then mix it 50/50 with some Old Joe Krantz, it's good. πŸ‘πŸΌ Jim

  11. Somehow reminds me of that scene in Elf when he sprays the perfume in his mouth, think I'll pass for now.Β  Thanks!Β  Would you consider reviewing SG Bothy Flake?

  12. Sounds interesting. I've never made my way into the Lakeland types so far. Right now I'm working my way through some Blackpoint so it'll be a while before can try it.

  13. Thanks for saving me a few bucks.

  14. Drove past Stonehenge last night but it was too dark to film there. By the way have you noticed how that Flake looks like the surface of Jupiter? Great review as always mate.

  15. Eating my kid's coco puffs right now. Good review.

  16. I just had an experience with lakeland and nearly went mad trying to put my finger on the taste, as I had never heard of the lakelands topping before. To me, it is reminiscent of talcum powder and feminine hygiene products. haha

  17. I just bought a bunch of GH's Balkan Mixture, and it's full of that Lakeland Essence. I know what you mean, like smoking a bar of soap. Yuck.

  18. tfw blends like this aren't listed as aromatic or english aromatic…this seemed like a promising flake, how unfortunate

  19. McClelland Blue Mountain, have you tried it? Could you do a review on it in the near future?

  20. I just couldn't get past the Lakeland essence. The soapy character, especially in the retrohale was just not my thing. The worst part was that it persisted in the bowel of my favorite virginia pipe for several other smokes, effectively ruining a few other smokes of virs I really care for. It seems to have finally left, but I was debating getting rid of the pipe for a while.

  21. Bought it smoked it liked it- chocolate-leather and mild spice . Liked it smoked well

  22. heyyy Bradley great review I have some Lakeland blend of Chocolate Flake and it's in my celler I haven't tried it yet but I got it because of a review that said it was very good with this I'm very interested in the Coco flavor not so much of the soapy and flower notes I'm going to try it and if I don't like it hopefully someone will make a trade with me thanks so much for sharing Bradley I was hoping that you would be a big fan of this blend happy puffs My friend β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ best regards Peter.

  23. so Bradley, do be a good chap, and review G.L Pease Odessey for us. am looking for something a bit like Gaslight which is my favorite, and like you, can't go to many sites which won't ship to WA, so farming alternate sources seems bleak. likewise have gone through your entire vid section, and couldn't find one for it.

  24. Interesting my flakes of this looked quite different than yours, it reminds me a lot of Mixture 79.

  25. Is there anything you can add to the blend that would make it a bit more satisfying ? Thanks for your feed back.🀐

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