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Pipe Tobacco Review – Frog Morton

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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I smoked this lovely tobacco in my cob pipe. A great tobacco full of flavour and mellow.

Padre piper –

Pipe nutter –


  1. I really enjoyed this review. What brand of tea are you drinking ?

  2. Love the intro music Dude!

  3. Nice review mate! May I ask, where did you purchase the Frog Morton tobacco from? I'm eager to try some of the blends but cannot for the life of me find any in the UK! Thanks!

  4. Damn, good tobacco, but better T shirt!

  5. Great review buddy. FM original has to be my favourite tobacco. Glen and padre are both great guys! New sub for you and look forward to catching up on your other vids.

  6. Nice review, so far the best insight into the profile of the tobacco. I'm into my first tin, and also my first english tobacco. After a disagreeable first bowl, I'm beginning to like it!

  7. Hello, my friend! I'm getting caught up on watching some videos this evening and always enjoy checking out your channel, but was extra surprised and delighted for the shout out! Thank you for the kind words and happy smokes! +PP

  8. Nice review. I have not opened my old tin of Frog Morton. I may need to do that soon. I am also a fan of Glen and the Padre.

  9. Hi Dunc! I don't smoke pipe but shame on me because it's a tradition for for Hungarian Prison officers. I enjoy your videos 🙂 Have a nice one every day forever 😉 💣✉💣✉

  10. Hi Dunc: AC/DC for the intro. A little switch from the usual, wouldn't you say? Did the Frog Morten bring this out? Or, maybe a nod to PipeNutter? I think the MM pipe is the Missouri Pride. I have a couple of them here. Great pipes. When I opened my tin of Frog Morten, I smelled barbeque sauce (HP sauce, maybe?). Many thanks for the parcel. I do appreciate it, and will enjoy that tea(of course, with milk…and sugar). Be Well, my friend. Ed

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