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Pipe Tobacco Review: Esoterica Tobacciana “Dunbar”

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Searching for an Elizabethan Mixture replacement: Esoterica Tobacciana “Dunbar,” produced by J. F. Germain & Son.
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From the tin: “A marriage of seven premium Virginia tobaccos with Louisiana Perique.”

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  1. To me this blend smells like unripe honeydew melon and tastes like flat Mt Dew. But in a good way. Definitely something I'll grab a tin of as I come across it.

  2. my mistake..yeah sometimes i forget you did review something already!!!hey,my hat is off to you with esoterica at least as a rare treat replacement for elizabethian

  3. Thanks for the review Bradley! You're right about that Germaine special something. Just reopened a jar of their 1820 Mixture that I've had for a few years, and mellow was exactly the word that sprung to mind. Also just purchased Esoterica Tilbury recently. Wow! Great stuff!

  4. Louisiana red comes in 2oz and 8oz tins and available in bulk as well

  5. hey bradley, after much research I think I have found your replacement for elizabethen. hearth and homes Louisiana red, which contains two varieties of red Virginia and a generous helping of fine st. James Parrish perique, and of course ribbon cut.. seems to me this blend meets all the criteria.

  6. Turning 18 in September and plan on taking up the art of pipe smoking, i have a pipe picked out however I have no idea what tobacco to purchase or rather ask for, for my birthday, so anybody feel free to reply with starter suggestions.

  7. This review was spot on my man…I loooove Dunbar. Its getting more scarce than Penzance lately though!

  8. Hey Bradley, great review as always!!!

  9. Hello Bradley. Thank you for this very interesting video. I also like Vaper's. Did you tried "Fillmore" from GL Pease ?

    Best regard's. Xavier (from Belgium).

  10. Oke, maybe stupid question but how can you exhale through your nose ( 8:15 ) without inhale through your lungs? Nice vid! Cheers..

  11. Nice review as always, did you notice similarities with OGS in regards of Virgina used, I do assume Solani 633 Vaper Is on brighter specturm with equal quantity of perique though,even if my primary smokes are burley forward blends,I'm kinda coming to love these light perique blends, moreover, its always nice to have some tins of these type of tobaccoes during summer period., Thank You and have a nice weekend, Paul

  12. This guy is the reason I started pipe smoking love the channel S&T

  13. Bradley, you posted the review on Thursday and had the big bags for sale Friday morning. Do you have insider info or something? 🙂 I had to grab one. had Margate this morning too. Esoterica isn't really that hard to find if you try.

  14. Great review!  I have been saving the one tin I have which I just cracked open.  Delicious is certainly the word.  Hope you are feeling better my friend!  Mark

  15. great review, I know you get tons of request but would love to hear your views on C&D mississippi mud.

  16. I've never seen a lot of Esoterica blend series reviews out there… -hmm nice… Thank you Bradley😊 hope your doing well. ✔🏡☕🍺📬🇰🇷

  17. Great review. I really enjoy Dunbar the more I smoke it the more I like it. Their blends really grow on you.

  18. Hey Bradley, your review was spot on. Luv the shirt. Keep up the great work.

  19. Always wanted to try this but never could get my hands on a single tin, despite being on the "waiting list" for years at different e-tailers. Simply ridiculous.

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