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Pipe Tobacco Review: Dunhill “Ye Olde Signe”

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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It’s a new OLD Dunhill blend! A reissue of the past favorite “Ye Olde Signe,” a tasty straight Virginia.

From “Dunhill Ye Olde Signe is a blend that Dunhill had discontinued decades ago, and it begs the question
Ye Olde Signe is a richly fermented, straight Virginia in a fine ribbon cut. The process used to produce the tobacco creates a natural tea-like tin aroma and results in a natural-tasting tobacco that has a mellow sweetness and subtle aroma. In spite of the gentle flavor, this is a very robust blend best enjoyed after a meal. See for yourself why so many longtime Dunhill fans consider this one of their very finest.”

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  1. Thanks for another grear review Bradley.


  2. has a buy 2 get one free on Dunhill blends right now

  3. Thank you for the review. I'm also a fan of Elizabethan mixture. Now I can't wait to have a tin of this blend.

  4. Nice review, and appreciate the comparison. Looking forward to getting Ye Olde Signe in my next P&C order on Monday. I'm also getting an interesting "kit" that P&C I think just came out with: they send you two bags of different VA's, one of Perique, and you can mix and match as you like. I'm sure I mentioned it before, but check out GL Pease Montgomery. I'm really liking that blend…

  5. Thanks Bradley, I told you about those stupid warning labels!!!

  6. I have a tin of Elizabethan in the cellar and picked up some Olde signe so I can do some testing and see if I can get the diff with the perique. I've always stayed away from perique thinking I wouldn't like it, but we shall see if I can even detect it. Thanks for another great review

  7. Thanks for another great review. I just got mine in the mail today – can't wait to try it!

  8. Excellent, excellent review Bradley. Congrats. I liked is so much. Thanks a lot man.

  9. enjoyed your review!

  10. what happened to your shaved face?…geez…….. and yes mr.forgrave the review master and master shaver

  11. thanks for a (as usual) very informative and entertaining review. I'm very curious about the dark flake too, so it looks like it's time for a trip to Copenhagen :)

  12. I think i'll give it a shot. I was on the fence about Elizabethan, maybe this one will be different
    Anyways, another great review, thanks for the upload

  13. This sounds great Bradley, will have to try it. For the two different Virginia types you describe, which is the red and which is the bright? Or are there others at play there?

  14. Bradley excellent review as usual! Looks like another tin I will need to order!

  15. Great review on another blend I have sitting and awaiting my arrival. I am certain it will be well worth the journey.

  16. Thanks for the review Bradley…I really want to try this now…I am not a huge Perique fan, so this should hit the mark for me. Keep all the great content coming! SAL.

  17. Elizabethan is a bit too mildly flavored for me, so probably this one isn't for me. I prefer the Gawith type VAs, which I love. I have 4 or 5 tins of elizabethan. You never know if the day will come when i appreciate it more. Tobacco can often "grow" on us.

  18. I've just been always scared to order anything from outside of my country because of the "you are responsible for all the additional…" disclaimer, simply because I have no idea of the meaning. Does this mean I have to pay for something before hand or when the package arrives?

  19. do it have bite like some do to the mouth

  20. i like you play the game of the man fight the coyote

  21. Ok, Bradley ,and thanks again for this informative review,your're the very best, As far as to  me like a former(and current?) cigarette smoker,I kinda like some cigarettish notes found in pipe tobacco, yet I do assume that most all traditional basic english style tobaccos have some cigarettish notes in them,remember that Peterson Sherlock Holmes, Rattray's Old Gowerie and on,+ they all tem stays lit and burns well(quickly?Perhaps thanks to a fine ribbon cut and  due to  a lack of PG additions?)Finally, You can have all these Dunhills starting at 13e in Germany. Have a Nice Weekend,Chat later, Paul

  22. Sounds like pipe tobacco is even more expensive in the EUSSR than it is here in the UK

  23. Your analysis of this tobacco and its close similarities to Elizabethan Mixture saddens and disheartens me. Thankfully I only bought one tin, perhaps I will simply never open it now. I never could wrap my mind around Elizabethian Mixture, no matter how many bowels I forcibly subjected myself to. It always struck me as highly cigaretty, minimally sweet and hot burning, dare I say even Burley-esque on occasion. It also never seemed to improve with age as much as other Virginias, perplexingly. As a result, your zealous infatuation with it causes me to imagine you to an extent as the tobacco-equivalent of a high-end wine sommelier, intimately familiar all the flavor profiles of the very best the world has to offer, but who at the end of the day prefers to retire with a glass of lowly Franzia.

    edit: OK, my apologies, that was a little harsh. Franzia is more along the lines of Half and Half. Perhaps Elizabethan and Ye Olde Sign are more like the offerings from Sutter Home?

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