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Pipe Tobacco Review: Dunhill “My Mixture 221B Baker Street”

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Only available for a limited time in the USA, Dunhill “My Mixture 221B Baker Street” is the third of the recently re-released Dunhill blends. A dark-fired Burley and Virginia tobacco.

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Formerly on the Pipes and Cigars website: “Previously only available from Dunhill stores, My Mixture 221B Baker Street makes a triumphant return after a long hiatus. This is a Virginia/Burley blend with a subtle top note in a similar vein to Royal Yacht and 3 Year Matured Virginia, but not quite as intense. Top quality leaf is cut into a fine ribbon and produces a relatively mellow flavor and aroma, but make no mistake, this is a robust blend with plenty of strength. 221B Baker Street is strong enough to delight the Great Detective himself.”


  1. a review doesn't help when you say "you've got to smell it for yourself" hahah

  2. As always, I really enjoyed this review!

  3. Great review and ramble while I'm enjoying some Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake. Paired with some yucca cane sugar root beer.- happy smokes Bradley. 😎🌲☕🍺

  4. Not sure I will bother with this one found durbar and BB quite mundane might stick to my mixture 965. Need to try Elizabethan mixture now though before its too late.

  5. Excellent review Bradley. Congrats. I liked it so much. Thanks a lot man.

  6. We should come up with a list of substitutes for Elizabethan Mixture. I'll start with Peterson's Irish Oak. It has a very similar appearance, ribbon cut, and tin note. It has very similar smoking properties. I also find the taste pretty close.

  7. Rumor on Net Dunhill going out of pipe making. Fate of tobacco blend unknown.

  8. I will have to try this! Thanks Bradley!

  9. I smoked 221B Baker Street maybe 40 years ago. I remembered buying and smoking several tins. I don't remember who put it out, but it was a pleasant enough smoke. Guess I won't be able to get the new version.

  10. Thanks Bradley for this interesting and comprehensive review,shall give this a try If I'm able to find it nearby, btw did you found any similarities with Tree nuns tobacco ?
    Have a Nice day, Paul

  11. Good review. I've smoked the blend and I was little bit dissapointed. I like Yacht, but to my pallet it wasen't so strong. Mac Baren's Bold Kentucky and Dark Fired are stronger. Smoking aged Elisabethean and I must say it's tasty in Ashton. How is your Dunhill? It looks right beauty. and solid smoker. Never owned one. Have great weekend.

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