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Pipe Tobacco Review: Cornell & Diehl “Old Joe Krantz”

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A Burley blend by Bob Runowski with a generous helping of Perique and a touch of red Virginia.
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From the Tin: “Dark and cube cut Burley with red Virginia ribbon and Perique create a smooth, all day smoke. It’s named in honor of the man who taught Bob to smoke a pipe: his grandfather.”


  1. I Love the review videos!

  2. Bradley, if you have smoked Haunted Bookshop, how does it compare? -Thanks

  3. I always get a burst of "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" cereal taste with this blend. Bizarre, but delightful!

  4. I love your wrist band !!!

  5. I must try it!
    Thanks for your reviewing.

  6. I've tried a few C&D blends, but only bulk. I was kind of surprised when you said it was a little moist because all the ones I tried were as dry as kindling. Maybe I should try a tin next…

  7. which websites do you place orders from since you're living in WA?

  8. They say the American cans age better than the tins because of more air.

  9. I think when Burley ferments it produces that raisin chocolate smell. Dark Air Cured Burley is stacked in piles in barns and naturally takes on a spicy raisin note, not unlike Perique, which can also smell a bit like raisins. We often forget that Perique begins it's life as Burley, albeit a different strain than Kentucky Dark and White types.

  10. As a replacement for Elyzabethan i could recommend to try Fire Storm.

  11. As a replacement for Elyzabethan i could recommend to try Fire Storm.

  12. Since I am quite new to pipe smoking a lot of reviews kind of fall on untrained ears and palate and I will try this blend for sure. But even if I don't like it or love it I just enjoy your reviews. I recently did a vid. called A Review of the Reviewers that is mostly a total tongue in cheek type review. Done for fun and the fun of it. And yes you are in there as well and I had a good laugh at it just recalling your videos. I really do enjoy all of your tobacco reviews or pipes.

  13. As always loved the review, but Old Joe, he not really my cup of tea. Thank you sir

  14. Do you that the cigarette brand "American Spirit" has black pack w/perique in it? 😒😏👃👀

  15. my go to!!!!!sometimes i need a break with iT…ITS BIG AND BURLEY!!!.PS PROBABLY THE WORST OF YOUR DESCRIPTION VOICES HAHA,not a good day but the best review!!

  16. Hi Bradley and thanks for this complet review again, definitely I ought to try this along with Hounted Book shop, since all those tobaccos which have those earthy cigar like notes in it do appeal to me something strangely, they are just interesting,sometime a bit too heavy, perhaps,still I think  I can(can I?) live with that character,yet that C&D Small Batch Sancepolcro is on my further buying  list sooner or later, Thanks,have a nice weekend, Paul

  17. It is not the same as Elizabethan but nothing will ever be. I really have been enjoying Black Parrot and Beacon Extra from McClellends. I really like Elizabethan and I was going to stock up on Dunhill but then I said they can kiss my ass. If they do not want to sell me tobacco I sure as hell do not want to buy it.

  18. Bradley, i found that GL Pease Stratford is a good replacement for Elizabethan (at smoking As always I enjoy your tobacco videos. Thank You from North Carolina

  19. OJK is a favorite. I don't smoke it a lot, but when I want it, it hits the spot. And you are oh so correct, it is first and foremost a burley. The perique is a great addition to it, I tend to think of this blend as Haunted Bookshop's older, meaner brother. I can smoke HB all day, but OJK is a once in awhile thing.

  20. Hi Bradley. Nice review. Off topic question, have you ever considered trying a Meerschaum pipe? Not so much a certain brand, but I am curious on what your opinion would be on smoking tobacco in a Meerschaum material, if there would be any advantages?

  21. Could you make a review of Briar Fox? Thank you

  22. Absolutely spot on with the review. The burley really does get me and I really just cant quite get there with burleys- but I keep on trying.

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