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Pipe Tobacco Review: Cornell & Diehl “Father the Flame (Straight Up English)”

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A small-batch English style blend from Cornell & Diehl.
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From the tin: “How would you like to pair a feature film that explores the history, craft, and spirit of pipe smoking with quality pipe tobacco?
Father the Flame is a feature-length documentary about slowing down, embracing life, and learning something in the process. It’s also about tobacco pipes. We thank you for your support, and look forward to soon being able to share with you a one-of-a-kind experience about the timeless and transcendent nature of pipes!
Straight Up English was Cornell & Diehl’s very first Small Batch blend: An English blend done the traditional way. No topping. No added flavors. Red and bright Virginias and a healthy dose of Latakia. Straight Up.”

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  1. In your VaPer hunt you might want to consider McClelland's Blakeney's Best Guillotine Sliced Acadian Ribbon.

  2. My go to English is my Mixture 965 but I quite like Peterson's old Dublin so might replace it with that.

  3. hey Bradley great review I've never tried white Burley and I haven't seen any in a blend before it's new to me what's the difference between regular Burley's and white Burley's can you explain?thanks for sharing sounds like an interesting blend ☺☺☺☺👍👍👍👍 best regards Peter.

  4. Sounds like a solid English blend. I didn't know someone was making a documentary on pipe tobacco. I hope they include some of the YTPC community members.

  5. Haha "Chinese restaurant"! I know what he means

  6. I also got to watch the Father the Flame film premier in Chicago. I was blown away by it. Professional quality film. Deserves a place among the high quality, story driven documentaries you find on Netflix, etc. I'm acquainted with the guys who filmed and produced it. They're currently working out licensing issues and tweaking the final cut to bring it on the independent film circuit.

  7. Smoking pipes is an awesome company.

  8. 5 tins stored up and am happy to have em. Nice review. Thanks

  9. Father the Flame just premiered in Chicago . Filmed by two friends. Phenomenal! You are missing out! I don't think you understand the significance of the name. It is about the history and significance of pipe making. C&D did that tobacco to honor this documentary.

  10. If you are still looking for a good everyday English blend to replace some of the Dunhills, try Arango Balkan Supreme. It's made by Stokkebye or Orlik I guess, but this one was a nice surprise. One of the best English/Balkan style blends I've ever had and it has that nice STG ribbon cut you like. I just bought a pound of it for like $34, or something like that. Try it out

  11. From what I have found, white burley doesn't have flavor. It's more of a filler to help blends burn better. Well, I think that is what Matches says I think. Anyways , as always I love your reviews brother.

  12. Nice job as always. It's always good to see you my friend. I am also a Big Cornell and Deihl fan . I appreciate you taking the time to make the videos. I do usually use your videos to help guide me on buying my Tobacco. Take care and God Bless

  13. I bet it's good. A lot of folks expect the orientals though. Some of my Latakia blends have orientals and some don't. It make a great change up either way.

  14. Bradley, is Dunhill Standard Mix your preferred English mix, like Elizabethan is your go to VaPer/favourite tobacco? Or is it another blend? Excellent review. Thanks and cheers!

  15. Nothing like a good English blend. Hope this blend stays around for another couple of months, I plan on picking up pipe smoking (hopefully) this winter.

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