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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. have you tried McC's Stave Aged 35? i like it better than bourbon bleu but it's pretty good. stave aged has more depth and red va flavors. the bourbon is better too maybe.

  2. Hey now… do you think you're Howard Stern???


  3. Interesting about the Exhausted Rooster pedigree. I've had a bowl of this once — I dug it. May have to make that a more-than-once. But Oak Alley, YES. Finished a tin of that a few months back.
    Another Smoking Pipeliner Quality production, thank you.

  4. Nice review! Can I ask what song is playing at around the 7:00 mark?

  5. I know how you like your billiards =) Thanks for the shout out! I gotta get my C&D reviews up at some point… I don't have my review spot anymore though… so I'll have to figure something out… Maybe the deck.. or the garage. Great review… even though it started off goofy, this one seems to be one of your more serious reviews. Suggestion : More Jazz Flute with Organ!

  6. Good video. Suggestion : Lower volume of the music. It's a little to loud. Sweet Smokes Stay Smokey Fellow Brother of The Briar Cheers !

  7. Smoke The Fire Out Of It

  8. Sounds like a nice blend. Thanks for sharing.
    It's good to see you again. Hope all is well.

  9. Now I want to try some, but I don't have any. Grrr lol 👊 great video 👍

  10. Awesome video mate, love your videos man, make me laugh!

  11. There is hope… Herb Albert maybe… Hmmm

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