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Pipe Tobacco Review: Cornell & Diehl “Bayou Morning”

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Searching for an Elizabethan Mixture replacement: “Bayou Morning” by Cornell & Diehl.
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From the tin: “Not for the faint of heart, this Virginia/Perique blend is composed of red and bright Va’s and 25% Perique. A Perique lover’s delight and one of our most popular blends.”



  1. I agree with your assessment of this one.  Too much Perique for me.  I don't mind spicy blends, but they have to be balanced with more sweetness than Bayou Morning provides. 

    I bought a couple ounces of bulk, smoked 2-3 bowls and gave the rest away.

  2. Great Review. I look forward to trying Bayou morning. I just happened to have ordered one myself. Currently I'm trying another C and D perique powerhouse, Chenet's Cake. I agree with your take on the American style tins. I feel like I'm opening a can of cocktail peanuts.

  3. Your review, do as you like, your the pro…but I know in the cigar world "strength" is the nicotine level and "body" is the flavor level. If what you mean by strength is the mouth feel, I advise you use the stat "Mouth Feel". You said yourself in the the video it can be confusing. I agree. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your reviews

  4. I occasionally smoke this, don't love it although C&D in general has really grown on me. I like the US tins better as I find the tobacco doesn't dry out as quick in those tins with the plastic lid if I choose not to decant the tobacco into a jar.

  5. The search continues!  When the true replacement is found I envision the goblet scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…………………You have chosen wisely!  Take care my friend, Mark

  6. Haha…you licked Zelda?!

    I like how you describe the cut as not being the prettiest in the world…shows that you really appreciate all facets of pipe smoking.

  7. Bradley, your a funny dude ! I love your introductions. I am going to ask straight forward; why do you feel Dunhill is being discontinued ? Either entirely or, certain blends. I spoke to both SmokingPipes as well as Pipes & Cigars. Neither of the two could say that to their knowledge, but at the same time did not deny the possibility. I stocked up with my favorite Dunhill blends as well as many others that I enjoy. Keep up the great video's I love them.

  8. will you be bulk buying Elizabethan Mixture before it goes away?

  9. thanks Bradley Excellent review of this blend I hope you find a blend vaper that suitable for you thanks for sharing buddy happy smokes my friend 👍👍👍👍👍☺☺☺☺☺ best regards Peter.

  10. Help me here….. give me an idea of what you mean by using the word vapor tobacco. Thanks.

  11. Excellent review as always Bradley. Congrats. I liked it so much. Thanks a lot.

  12. Yeah the perique on the bayou morning was like smoking Tabasco sauce.

  13. McClellands 2020 matured cake. Oriental forward yummy Virginia blend. Spicy and well done.

  14. Try the Elizabethan match on the pipes and cigars website. If you like it then just buy it in bulk.

  15. Have you considered changing the term "strength" on your list to "body?"
    Typically in regard to cigars and pipe tobacco the term strength = nicotine potency.

  16. You inspired me to have a bowl of this tonight. Delightful perique blast. 🙂

  17. Great review, Bradley. You might also want to check out Shandygaff. Per, "Shandygaff combines Burley, Turkish, and Perique leaf to produce a smoke often described as carrying flavors of ginger and salty sea air." This has become my daily go-to. To me, it's nuanced but, not enough to just be a periodic smoke the way Bayou Morning would be for you. Someone else recommended Haunted Bookshop, Burley/Virginia/Perique. I'm waiting for this to come in and it just might become my daily go-to. I like your closing music, what is that? Thanks, man!

  18. Just wanted to mention two things real quick.
    1. It's good to hear that intro song again on your channel.
    2. I will continue to badger you with this.. RO Series: Firestorm sold by P&C. I know that things get weird when shipping to Washington but Firestorm is the Va/Per that got me back into pipe smoking a year or so back.
    Love your vids, keep on keeping on

  19. …I think this is what made your channel content what it is Today. Folks Really…✔✔✔♦ enjoy the Tryed and True Pipe Tabacco Reviews. of SAT. Great Review Bradley. 😊🍺☕🌲

  20. Very nice review, friend Bradley. It's interesting that blunt and not nuanced can describe pretty much the entire C&D catalog! I guess I'm a fan of those qualities in C&D stuff, but obviously not for everyone. I'm sure you're aware, but a lot of people set aside C&D tins for about 6 months before even thinking about opening to reduce some of the edge. This might make for a cool follow up mini-review of sorts for a Sunday smoke topic, if you have the jar room for 6 months anyway.

  21. Wait , what about Fribourg and Treyer? Don't they do a ribbon cut VaPer?

  22. Sorry man, thought that one would do it for you, but I suppose I like the stronger VaPers. My favorite one is Beacon Extra by McClelland also Pebblecut but it has Oriental too. I think the regular Beacon might suit you better proportionally, but shit its a broken flake like the others I just listed and you want a ribbon. Hmm, What about Astleys? I've heard good things about their Virginias, and one of them is a VaPer I'm sure, hell I think one of them is called Elizabethan, or Tudor or something along that line. I'm a Burley person so I might not have the best Virginia recommendations anyway

  23. This seems like it's worth purchasing a few tins!! Thanks for the review!!

  24. C&D is a good blender, but "nuanced" and "subtle" are not words I would normally use to describe the C&D blends I have smoked.

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