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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Pipe tobacco review and more. Peterson’s Nutty Cut

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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  1. any recommendations for a first tobacco?

  2. I forgot how truly pleasurable pipe smoking can be I had a friend that died some years ago I would smoke a pipe with him when we got together, I got away from it for some reason. I still kept my pipes and I broke them out and enjoyed my first bowl in a corn cob about 10 mins ago. Thank You for the inspiration to pipe smoke once again. It's like finding your best friend again and it causes one to reflect on the past and the present in a way perhaps not possible if you don't pipe smoke. Strange in so many ways .

  3. I have been wanting a pipe for some time now and my mother in law got me one for my birthday. Will be trying it out tonight.

  4. if you want a quiet comfy ride check out the newer doge ram pickups i just picked up a 2012 ram 2500 Laramie edition and i love it, and its super comfortable on road trips

  5. I've been listening to Classical music while I drive.

  6. I just stumbled on to your channel I enjoy your wisdom and your pipe recommendations thank you.

  7. I knew this was George Bruno! I've seen the Player's Barbershop hot towel shave video and thought to myself this is the exact same guy

  8. Great content george and I'm glad the beard is coming back , let it grow and let it glow

  9. I switched to tea about 2 months ago. Enjoy honey and creme in my with a nice bowl of Briar Fox. Really enjoy your vids. Have a great evening.

  10. Thanks again, George! Always good to see one of your videos in my feed!

  11. One day you will try some extremely delicious "Green leaf" as you call it and your world will change. I look forward to that day. I enjoy these reviews but can't help but think about how i would love for your to enter my world. If you ever check out the website leafly and start browsing various strains you can see the variety of flavors you can one day try. Being a connoisseur of many crafts such as yourself i can definitely see you really enjoying all of whats available. Remember, just like you do with alcohol if you are just going for taste you don't need to smoke so much as to "alter your reality", you can just have enough to taste the amazing flavors available to us.

  12. Here in England we drink tea with everything lol. Enjoying your channel very much, I found it a couple of weeks ago when looking for pipe smoking stuff. I got my first pipe a few days ago, so still have much to learn about pipe smoking and tobaccos.

  13. I hear you talk about how well a pipe smokes. I've asked several questions and I'm sorry, but what makes a pipe a good smoking pipe and or a bad smoking pipes.

  14. I'd like to take up a pipe. Sounds like somthing to enjoy and relax with.

  15. You're the classy I want to become in my later years

  16. Always nice sharing a pipe with you not many people to share one with here in Miami although I do have some of my cigar buddies interested now I going to order them some corn cob pipes to get started. I'm also making some tampers out of bullet shell casings and Asian chop sticks.

  17. Try their Connoisseur's Choice if you haven't already.

  18. George I noticed that you keep having to relight your pipe every few minutes, is this normal as I read online that if the pipe is packed properly it should stay lit till the end? explain please

  19. George, have you tried Scotty's butternut burley yet? It's a wonderful smoke.

  20. What do you think, bent or straight shank? Also do you have any advice or know of any pipes for shorter smokes? Something that can be done on a lunch break say.

  21. Hey I'm new to smoking pipes. I started with a perique and Virginian ribbon blend, and a perique and Turkish coin blend. I've had 3 bowls and while having dinner I noticed I had to keep adding salt to my broccoli. So after smoking I lose some taste ability, will prolonged smoking over the years result in long term or permanent effects? Or is this something that'll be fine as long as I smoke responsibly (once a week)?

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