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Pipe Smoking – Showing my Hoard of Pipes and Tobacco

Posted by in StogieChat Members

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Just a quick video to show my current pipe collection and growing tobacco stash!


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  1. Would you like to make another short video about your collection? I can imagine that it will have grown over the past few years 🙂

  2. Do you have any Meerschaums? I've never smoked one but would like to know if you have tried one and if you see any difference it Meerschaum compared to Briar?

  3. Love it man, nice collection I must say!

  4. Which pipes have replaceable bowls or stems?

  5. LOL! Wives say the darnedest things!

  6. I only have 3 inexpensive pipes and a modest 10-12 types of tobacco, and I'm already getting those looks and comments. I'll have to eventually split everything up into a open location and a secret one. That, or break out the "I pay the bills woman! make me a pie!"

  7. Hey Stogie, can you link out all of the "boutique/custom" pipes that you have.. I've watched many of your vids now and I'm really liking your collection.


  8. I love your collection of Baccy.. I don't mind telling you that Im a little envious. If love to have those reserves… Or a small fraction. Any pointers on where to score the sweetest deals on good briar/baccy? I love Virginia and Va/Per flakes.. Hell I love Englisha me Balkans too.. Hahaha

  9. Are your tobacco jars exposed to light? Is only sunlight bad for tobacco or is all light?

  10. Dang I can not get enough of your videos I learned every thing about pipe smoking from you, thank you stogiefarts!!!!!!!

  11. Your wife didn't make a comment on your f****** tobacco collection too ? 🙂

    Nice pipe and tobacco collection

  12. Nice pipes, man. I love the story teller pipe of Giacomo Mora. Is just amazing. That briar, oh good Lord!!! enjoy your "man time"! regards

  13. Pretty sure that smoking anything is going to give you cancer. Waterpipes, joints, cigarettes, etc.

  14. Wow, "F-ING" pipes. My pipe smoking actually is supported by my wife, in fact she is buying some of them, along with my tobacco.

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