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Pigar – A PIPE FOR SMOKING YOUR CIGAR? [ Should I Smoke This ]

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Well… I wasn’t going to even try this thing, but my friend talked me into it. I DO THIS FOR THE VIEWERS! LOL Anyway, here’s a detailed look at the Pigar Cigar Pipe, including EVERYTHING that I know about it, how it works, a full demonstration AND my extremely blunt thoughts about whether or not you should bother trying one. ENJOY!



  1. Ok, I just went onto the Pigar website… 75 bucks???!!! Ok now I'm SERIOUSLY pissed! I'm sorry but that's kinda ridiculous. And I'm guessing box-pressed sticks are out?

  2. I don't really smoke much past the band point, since that's when the cigar gets hot, and therefore bitter. So I'm not much of a "nubber", and if I actually do want to nub one, I have a Perfec Draw tool so I just use that the way people would use a toothpick.

    As far as cutting a cigar into thirds, or putting a WHOLE CIGAR in there? Yeah, that's just pissing me off.

  3. Cigar abuse, interesting…that's all I got! lol

  4. I used to joke with my stoner friends and tell them to take a bong hit of a cigar… thinking about that is enough for me to never be interested in this pipe lol.

  5. Love your videos.  I am one of your early Patreon supporters and will continue to be for a long time. This is no reflection on you, but, this is one of the dumbest fucking things I have ever fucking seen.  I use a tooth pick. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  6. nice review Rob as always ! I feel this is a product that solves a problem that doesn't exist. Twisting the cigar down that pipe makes me cringe, i bet ya it destroys the cigar wrapper. Also, smoking the nub is useless … the cigar will overheat and the flavor will drastically change. That's a NO.

  7. Actually puts cigar in pipe at 12:50.
    Or you can just get a $2 corn cob pipe.

  8. As both a pipe and cigar smoker, that thing is horrible. It murders all that is good in both worlds. Not to mention what happens if you get pulled over with that thing in your car. Thanks for the review and sorry you had to do that. lol

  9. Seems like an amazing idea – does the crack rock go below the nub? I have to hand it to you, this is ridiculous and now I'm pissed.

  10. I use a flat bottom pipe so I can rest it on the table when I want

  11. Smoking the last piece of a good cigar is called piping a cigar – I and many others have been doing it with regular pipes for a long time – personally I will smoke the cigar the way it should be smoked until it becomes to small to hold – regular cigars are very lite in comparison to a full metal pipe – but the cigar has to fit pipe so I have three different size pipes

  12. Looks like something you can pick up at Christiana lol

  13. here is their website
    I actually ordered one the other day and should be here today. I ordered their smaller "Hold'em" model so I am curious if the weight issue is better with that model.

  14. Good review even though this in no way is for me. Yet your review was not based on personal views, just plus and negatives of the product itself. Thank you for another simplified but full detailed review.

  15. It’s not for me. I guess I’m a purest. I love the look, the feel, and the tradition of smoking a fine cigar. If I wanted to smoke a pipe, I’d smoke a pipe. It doesn’t seem to work on a box pressed stick. Oh well.

  16. Haha. Extra points for the Joerg Sprave clip. "This is the Pigar. Let me show you it's features! Ha ha ha"

  17. That's a hard no for me. Keep cigars and pipes separate.

  18. I prefer a cigar not a pipe

  19. Brother, I do apologize for my bad sense humor but, Sucking on the butt hole of a pipe with a big brown hard on? Granted I gots to give you credit Rob, It did make me laugh my ass off watching you hit that thing.

    I am just to old school to go through all that to enjoy a good stogie. Granted since I have been married for 19 years I do not have much ego left but by God's good grace I am going to have to hang on to the little bit of ego and pride I have left lol. That thing there sir would just leave me feeling as a shell of a man, a dried up husk lol. Granted it would give me an excuse to go to the gun range, chop some wood, Build a house …. You know all the things that gives a man his balls back lmaoooooo. Speaking of which, I gotta go find my wife, I need to ask her for my balls out of her purse.. That's where she keeps mine and I do enjoy setting them in my office so I can feel like I still got some. Keep up the great work man, I love it.

  20. I wonder why they had to use stainless instead of something lighter.
    Couple questions:
    How do you rest it after it's lit or do you have to hold it the whole time?
    Which ring gauges can fit in the pigar?

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