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Peterson’s University Flake Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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My take on University Flake by Peterson’s

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  1. I bought this because of your recommendations. So far so good. But if I have even 1 bad smoke I'm holding you personally responsible.

  2. Tade, just seen all the tins of Granger stacked up behind you, I've just ordered some from Smoking Pipes hope it lives up to your standard ,Ive never tried it before. Good review on the University Flake, I've smoked countless tins of this over the years (although not recently) maybe time to get some in. happy smokes my friend,    Kev

  3. I heard it's a little different than it used to be, and that it changed production a couple times.  It lately went from K&K to MacBaren or something, and whoever makes Rattrays (K&K?) mace a set of flakes to reflect the original blends – Wallace Flake is Uni Flake, Sterling Flake being Irish.  Or something like that.  Wallace is more blueberry than plum.  Anyhoo – I like the Uni Flake well enough.  Have some Wallace for comparison, but haven't popped it open yet.  The Stirling is a dark-fired spicy meatball.

  4. Thanks for the good review again, I loved the taste of the irish flake but it almost killed me nicotine wise

  5. The Meer brings out the Swwetness and the plum a lot more you say… I guess that's another read to THROW OUT THEM BRIAR PIPES.. LMAO.. thanks for the review

  6. Thank you for the review. Will give it a try. That is a nice meer pipe. What kind is it?

  7. Isn't everything just better in a Meer? Keep 'em comin' Tade.

  8. When do we get a cellar tour?! I bet youre stocked with all kinds of stuff.

  9. Not had University Flake in a while not since I discovered Rattray's Wallace Flake which is suppose to be a copy but, it has more Virginia and the topping is more prominent to my palate. If you ever get the chance to get a tin of Wallace Flake a review wouldn't go a miss.

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