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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Not surprised you think its Lakelandesque. Its made by Gawith & Hoggarth for Peterson

  2. This is one of the initial blends I've tried which are not pure aromatics. I would say it is somewhat "half aromatic". Actually, I'm smocking it now, as I'm writing.
    I have a dual opinion regarding this blend, sometimes it feels tasteful and I manage to enjoy smoking it, picking on the taste that is similar to its unique aroma. Sometimes it feels soapy. It's a tricky one, that's for sure.
    I must say, I'm a Latakia lover, love those English and Balkan blends, perhaps this is the reason why I can't reach a final verdict regarding this blend. I will keep it and when I'll finish the tin, I'll have to think if to switch to another one, or keep it in my rotation for a break from the English and Balkan blends that usually are my "go to".

  3. Smoked this one a long time ago and it was so-so then, so I'll have to give it another go. It's been a long time.
    I think I have a tin in my cellar. Whoo hoo!

  4. I have not tried this one but it sounds like one that I will really enjoy. Yep, going on the to do list.

  5. I have a tin of the stuff but still haven't tried it, I need to crack it open ASAP

  6. I found a sample of this that Sue gave me. I am rehydrating it as this is being typed. I will let you know what I think. You like their Irish Flake?

  7. I have smoked one bowl of this. From that bowl I decided I liked it, but I better smoke a few more, just to make sure we can be friends.

  8. I have never tried this blend…Sounds like a movie that is so so and everyone says "wait till the end, it's so rewarding and unexpected."

  9. I'll have to try I have an open tin someone gave me

  10. Life is better when you post a lot!!!!!!!!!

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